Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 89

Why is it that as we approach the New Year we tend to reflect more? Maybe we do it all year at various times and just notice it more around the end of the year. Resolutions start creeping in and we just want to focus on a new year, maybe a new beginning or a better "move forward" if you may...... Do you do all that too?

So I was riding into the weekend gig and just put Phil Phillips into the cd player..... came across song #4.... "HOLD ON".....
The song talks about life and how we learn to hang in there. We all have been dealt a hand. How we deal with the hand we are dealt is how our life evolves. So I sat there pondering life, death, and all the things we try to find answers for now and again. I reflected on things that I remembered from my childhood..... good things.... some not so good.... LOL   

I thought a lot about my Grandmother, Mother, Father.... all of whom are no longer living ....yet they live inside of me.....

So I spent time with myself today. Quality time as I listened to Phil in the background.......

Enjoy you life. Make the best of the hand you have. The only person who can change anything in your life if YOU..... Let's pull to make 2013 our best year moving forward.
Enjoy !

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