Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 98

Well, we just cracked 3000 page views....thank you !

Today, I spent a few minutes on PINTEREST.  This is the place that I started to spread the word about this Blog challenge..... I was playing around in there and found a couple of awesome pics.... one cool one from my newest friend, Laura,  the lady in red. Visit her at   THE LADY IN RED BLOG

How funny is that? I love all the eyes I'm seeing lately.....thanks, Laura....

This one is our beautiful Miss India with the camera...... cover of one of her pin boards....she looks so professional here. Take MY picture, honey !!!!

Check out  PINTEREST

It will lead you back here.... LOL

Enjoy your day !

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Unknown said...

The picture you posted on top reminded me of the colors in peacock feathers. So pretty! :)

Only 1 Ava said...

yes, I loved it as soon as I saw it.... Thanks, Laura.... :)