Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 109

Well today's break from the routine is not something that new , however it IS only something I do once a year. Since it's a lot of fun and I'm absolutely passionate about it, I thought it would be a great post for today.....

Once a year, I set up an event I call, "Cross the Line"......Where the business and entertainment community comes out to mix and mingle. Each year, I bring together people that may not normally network with each other and some that do..... and each year we have a few prizes and a few surprises. ( Since the event is tonight, I can't reveal the surprises but I'll have pics up soon) This event is usually held at the beautiful Foundation Room of the Showboat Atlantic City. (Part of the House of Blues) . This event comes together with the wonderful staff there especially my concierge and host, Jennifer. (who makes it all happen-all the time) There are many other people who give to me for this event and I love them all.

It has grown into a wonderful place to celebrate the growth of my business with many of the people that helped me along the way. I do not charge for this event however I do an optional donation for Brain Cancer Research (which you know by now, that's what I lost my Mother to)

We have a lot to celebrate and a lot to be thankful for right now . Still in the building stages, we are growing by leaps and bounds.

Last year, I added the North Star Awards to the program. This is where I select, with my staff, 3 people who are community minded and have also helped us grow. I do one charitable award and 2 regular awards and it was great fun with the first recipients last year.  We have a new set of 3 people that are excited to be recognized.  I am excited for them too !

 I feel it is necessary for me to give back something to those who always give to me. Even if it's just a free event and a chance for them to meet someone new in their life or their business...... I also have a lot of fun at this event and I get to see people that sometimes I just don't see for awhile. I love giving out the prizes too !

So here I go..........getting ready to get the venue ready as we prepare to  CROSS THE LINE.............

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