Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 114 & 115

I actually get a little annoyed ( WHAT???? A NEGATIVE COMMENT??? FROM ME??? ) when I have to put 2 days together. Like I said, sometimes it gets challenging.....I have been on a go go go method for the past few days. I am really looking forward to Monday when I can sit in my office, work, and do it at my own pace with a cup of coffee.....

So these past couple of days, I got to break my routine by meeting a fascinating artist by the name of MARCUS.....

His studio is located in downtown Mays Landing, NJ and he not only teaches art classes there, but has this great little space that we are going to work into a cultural paradise..... OOOOOH, I like the way THAT sounds !

With the help of my very cool strategic partners at UGLY BABY MARKETING, Sherrii, Mari, Larry and all the staff.... we are planning cool things for this unique space for MARCUS and his work.

Right in our wheelhouse, Art is just coming out of all the places we visit..... first it was Monica (whom we spoke about the other day) as well as William McKensie and now we will bring much Art out to the area in this cool new space.

So my break away was sitting in the art space with the gang.... including my very creative daughter, Brieanne, and just staring at the walls, throwing out beautiful art ideas...... it was so much fun and relaxing that I had to post about it.

Take a few minutes to admire Art..... whatever kind you like, take it in, breathe it, feel it and give your senses a much needed break from you regular day...... maybe we will get some pictures up here as the work develops......How do you feel about YOUR Art..... other half....his name is ART......a whole 'nother topic !

Enjoy !

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