Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 113

Today I had the opportunity to network at a brand new Restaurant in Egg Harbor Twp., NJ......

The new KINGS LOUNGE !!!  Not only did we get to join forces with the South Jersey Network, but we got to talk to owner Mike Hana in detail about setting up the Grand Opening which will take place on
Feb. 22nd..... from 4 PM - 1 AM...... It's going to be awesome.

In conjunction with my company 4 A STAR/ Anthony DeGraaf/ and Lisa Johnson we are preparing an awesome event.....

So Mike and his brother Raymond have worked very hard to bring us this upscale and cool dining experience. Just the location alone will make it an adventure.... LOL....sitting on an old "circle" that is currently half taken out ...... Makes it a landmark in of itself !

All kidding aside, the inside of the new Kings Lounge is really unbelievable.... from a flowing tree waterfall wall  to a light up wall , to a fireplace area, to a King's Throne for pictures, to an atmosphere that is warm and inviting.............the King's Lounge is ready to make your dining experience one to remember.
Join the Royalty Club and become a VIP..... see page on Facebook.....

Here is a sneak peek of the gorgeous inside.....

So I got to spend some quality time, with people I love, and do business..... at the Beautiful Kings Lounge

     Hello Gail, Nancy and Rich.............PHOTO OP !!!

What a great way to relax today.... Enjoy !

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