Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 93

Wow..... just 2 days into the New Year and it was so hectic today..... loaded with antibiotics doesn't help with the running around.... LOL

So my last 2 stops today were definitely interesting. I got to attend the swearing in or one of our Newly elected Freeholders, Colin Bell. I was also invited to the reception following which was a lot of fun.
Thank you, Colin, for having us there.

I so enjoyed attending the swearing in ceremony. I got to see a few of my political friends and associates there. It was very nice. Not something I get to do every day.

I also had an exceptionally good time at the reception to follow. Big turn out......
I wound up meeting some very interesting people there. I was able to make some very strong connections and enjoyed every minute. For all the running I did today, every stop had a worthwhile moment.

I always say January is a dead month for we are still trying to tie up loose ends from the previous year. I still think the new year officially starts in February. That said, I had a great day today. Even though it was hectic, it was fun, valuable and ended up in a setting that I don't get to do all the time.

Do something special this month. Make the dead January mean something..... LOL.....wait, my birthday is in January !   Hahahahaha

Have a great day !

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