Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 116

Today I got an e-newsletter from a very good friend and associate, Angela Crockett.  It was great to see news from her company as she has moved to New York to pursue her dreams. You go girl !!!
We keep in touch now and again and I always love hearing from her. We met at an event and immediately hit if off over the entertainment business..... love of our hearts. We just love the "goodness" about all that. We will keep the "goodness" in the industry as best as we can. With people like Angela on the scene, THAT makes it easier for the rest of us. She is truly a gem !

So her news came that she has signed Chicago's King of "Steppin'" Calvin TABOO Jarrett. This is a style of ballroom dance that has evolved over the years from other dances..... see a short clip below.

Congrats Angela and Calvin ! You are both in good hands.....

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