Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 94

Today seemed just as hectic as yesterday. I always feel like January is a "dead" month.... I think I mentioned that previously..... it's just a month of so much hectic and figuring out for the New Year..... today was no different for me.  Just when I thought I could come home, relax just a little , and just maybe do a little work at home.... I get a phone call to come out somewhere to meet a potential client. Well, of course, I had to go meet a potential client.  Not only did I get to see some friends that I haven't seen in awhile ( always a good thing) I got to experience a new food.

I spent at least 10 min. devouring  HONDURAS TACOS........ Wow !
Out of all the things I have tried to eat that were new, I never ate these. Maybe it was just Evelyn's good cooking ! LOL

I thoroughly enjoyed the tacos. So light and airy and what a delicious taste. I even had seconds, thank you, Evelyn !

Talk about a little relaxation away from the normal routine. Good friends and good food to take you away for a few minutes.....

Enjoy !
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