Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 3
Good Morning! Today we allocate time for the Balcony Blogger Challenge Day 3.... whoo hoo
I'm even getting in here in the morning today. Just a matter of doing something I can write about early today.Monday's are an office day for me so I love to sleep in. However, today, I had to schedule something that I couldn't do on any other day. That being said, I thought I would try having my breakfast out on my landing today. Interesting..... I have a stairway on both sides of my complex. I am on the top floor. I use the one set of stairs all the time but I hardly ever go to the back set of stairs. (once in a great while) It is beautiful back there with lots of trees and all. So I took my nice bowl of cereal outside, stood at the railing and marveled at the trees. At one point, the trees looked like they were raining in between. I even looked at the sky to see if there was a sun shower or something like that. It was only a few seconds later when I realized that the trees were spilling "dew". I don't think I've ever seen that where it looked like rain. I liked the morning air so much that I went inside and made some toast and then went back out for a few more minutes. Not a lot of time on my hands today but I was able to do that much. I think total it was all of 15 minutes. The second time  I went out, I wanted to bring a chair.....just not enough time for that. Who knows, maybe I'll do this again sometime. Also, the second time, the trees "rained" again. This time with a whirling wind that was just loud enough to make me look over at the tall trees again. It was gorgeous outside. I little chilly...... Next time, I'm bringing the chair..................and COFFEE !!!!
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