Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 15

I'm really very excited that I have made it through 15 days of blogging and I'm having a great time doing cool things..... you really need to try this and break out of  rat-race lifestyle. Anyone can do something for just 5 minutes. Today, I actually spent a little longer than that......
The day was so beautiful. Art and I jumped in the car and decided to go down some roads we had never taken in our town. So we went all the way down Leeds Point Road..... ( I was looking for the Jersey Devil- LOL)  We wound up coming upon the Oyster Creek Inn. What was special about driving out there was along the sides of the road leading up to the Inn , were several areas of ....sort of... pink grass ! At first I thought they were pretty pink flowers but to me it looked like a patch of pink grass. It was so beautiful I had to stop and take a picture of it. (see below)

Next, we decided to go to Smithville, one of my favorite places, and go into a couple of shops we haven't been in before. When we got there, we found ourselves right in the middle of an Irish Festival. It was so cool..... hundreds of people, 2 Irish bands, food, drink, lots of dogs , kids, etc..... Had a great time. Even made a small donation to Big Brothers/Big Sisters..... We stopped in a small store called "Sweet Things". I got a chocolate covered pretzel that was black and white ! Yum ! I had never had one like that before. This made for a fun and refreshing afternoon...........not just the pretzel.......all of it !

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