Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 12

Wow! today I did something I really haven't done in a LONG time. It was a great 5 min. break from this long day.
When I was really young, growing up in Brooklyn, the kids on the block played real physical games.....not that there is anything wrong with "bejeweled" or anything like that, it's just that we didn't have that and we played other types of games.  .....ball games, bike games, races, card games and one of my favorites.....JACKS !
I knew I had this Jacks set in the drawer so I took a 5 min. break to see how rusty I was.....
Funny thing is when I went to open up the case, it still had a seal on both sides..... Must have got these at a party or something with my daughter. They were just such a pretty set of Jacks. I couldn't believe that they were never opened. I did try to show my daughter Jacks some time ago. She didn't seem that interested. Why I still had this set so readily available is beyond me.
So I open up the seal and take out the beautiful gold and silver Jacks. I began by just bouncing the ball around a few times. I was able to get to "onesy's" and "twosy's" without any problem. Pretty good I thought. A little rusty on "threesy's"...... the rest needed work. I think I would like to revisit those Jacks. I was one of the best Jacks players in Brooklyn when I was a kid. (at least on my block........everyone wanted to play me). This was a really fun break today. I am going to brush up so I can get back the skills I had when I was younger. ( at least a little bit )  What a nice way to spend 5 minutes. It definitely put a smile on my face.
What did you do today?
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