Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 14

Today's escape was short and sweet, yet different. I went with some clients and friends and family to an open house. This was not just any open house. This open house was for Ninja Martial Arts !
The Ninja Martial Arts studio is in Ventnor. A small yet powerful place for the learning and understanding of Martial Arts. I ran into several people I know at the open house. I spent a little time with one of the instructors and really just took a quick look around. I learned a little bit about 2 different styles of Martial Arts and got a chance to see what classes they offer there.
It was just a small yet different escape for me. I'm planning another different escape tomorrow too.........let's see if I actually make it to that one.
Ninja Martial Arts...... gets you thinking a little differently.
What did you do today?
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