Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 4

So I was wondering what I was going to do or try today...... I remembered that I had said in the beginning, even do something that you haven't done in awhile.....it doesn't matter.....whatever you do that is something different than just a hum drum day is fine.....
Today, I visited the ever popular  Shea's restaurant in Galloway, NJ..... for almost a year now I've been telling the owner, Lou, that I was going to fix up his container of business cards that he keeps on the counter for anyone to partake in. Actually, I did fix them up a little while ago. Sometime in the Winter, I believe..... yet the container wasn't large enough to fit all the great cards that were in there. So today, as it poured down rain, I made my way out to the store and got another business card holder to sit next to the original one. Lou was so nice that he let me take the cards home. Yippeee !!!  LOL
I set all the cards on my kitchen counter top and began to work. Obviously, there are many more cards than spots to hold them. I just took them and put all the like cards together, I put about 3 or 4 business cards together in one spot and now they look great. I'm really happy that I took the time to get this done for Lou. He is an amazing person and if you haven't stopped and eaten at Shea's..........make it one of the things you do !  Enjoy your day !

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