Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 25

Today, I found myself looking forward to posting on the blog page.... doing this everyday is starting to feel good in my soul. I love the different things I have tried so far and how I am forcing myself to enjoy life. I hope you are doing the same and at the end of this, will find something coming out of this whole experience to enhance your beautiful life.

I went to a mixer with my SJN group this evening and on the way home a light caught my eye..... So I drove down an extra street to see what it was..... It was this beautiful house decorated for Halloween. It wasn't over the top, nor was it one or two lights. It was just so engaging, so peaceful and so pretty. I have enclosed a picture although the picture doesn't really show it off. You can't really make out how it looked but at least you can see the colors. Over on either side was a big pumpkin lit up. There was also a green Frankenstein lit up near one of the pumpkins. There was a big spider clinging to the side of the house. The rest of the place had beautiful lights in trees etc.... Everything was positioned in a way to bring out the best. For a "scary" holiday, this house was absolutely gorgeous. I was tempted to knock on the door and talk to them about it, tell them about the blog............ Naaah !
I spent a few minutes there, going out of my way for one extra block and enjoying that memory enticing me for Halloween....
Hope YOU had a great experience or adventure today !

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