Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 28

Well today was interesting..... literally the calm before the storm.... LOL.....the day was just so gorgeous.... I was riding home from a great lunch with Brian and Art and I had the windows down, the fabulous Dog Soldier Society blaring tunes and I was feelin' great !
Well, THAT was not the 5-10 min. of today but it certainly felt good.
So a few posts back, I mentioned that I had started a blanket. Well I can remember when I used to make those things all the time and sometimes the yarn didn't always want to cooperate. Now I know why  the old movies show women making the yarn into balls so they don't have to deal with what I did today. (Definitely not the normal routine of the day) That all being said, it got me to thinking......
I had to put the blanket down to work on the mountain of knots that were inside the shank of yarn.  As I untangled each knot, I started thinking about life.....How it twists and turns..... how it sometimes gets tied up in knots and how if you go slowly to untangle it, eventually it comes out right again. I also know how I had to leave the yarn and get back to my life for a bit....... the good yarn on one side of the chair and the knotted yarn on the other. How many times do we have to walk away from a mess, so we can come back with clearer head and clean it up. You can take that any way you like ! Hahahaha
So now I can go back to it. (Much more than 5 or 10 minutes) It's all good. Eventually the knots will be out and the yarn will be ready to roll into a ball and be useful again.  It's funny how things like that are easy to compare to life. Sometimes it just gets you to look at things a little differently. Isn't that what the general purpose of this blog was? Well we made it to day 28. What are you doing these days? Feel free to comment if you like. I'd love to hear what some of you are doing. We have about 10 followers to the blog. We have over 1700 people that are viewing it. Yes, I check that everyday !
Let's see what happens with the storm. If we lose a day, we will pick it back up again when the storm moves out. Let's hope it's not too bad and I wish you all to be safe.......and dry !!!
Have a great night !
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