Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 8

Well today was interesting.....this day had no wiggle room ! I didn't think I was going to be able to do this today. That said, I forced myself to make time for the smallest thing, and I did it......
On that note, one thing I did ,that I don't get to do that often, was to sit and enjoy a beautiful Italian Show. "Amore" A tribute show to the Italian Tenors was at the Golden Nugget tonight. I helped initialize getting it in-so tonight I was helping there and got to sit back and enjoy the awesome performances. all the entertainers were from often do we get to do things like that....

The short thing, was that I decided to just send a text to a few people I hadn't seen in quite some time. First, I called my childhood babysitter. If you remember from yesterday's post, I found a thank you note from her.....I got her machine but I'm sure she'll get back to me. I made about 5 calls to peole I haven't spoken to in awhile for one reason or another. Among those were a High School friend, a casting director that I wanted to say hello to, and another friend I haven't spoken to in awhile. I sent texts mostly however I did call my babysitter.... ooh that sounds so funny ! LOL
I got her machine.

That 5 min. I spent squeezing in some time for the challenge, was so cool. I got a text back from my H.S. friend..... how cool.

Ok...remember tomorrow is "A day of change".....
Are you up for this challenge???
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