Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 19

What a day this was for the challenge ! Today we allocate time to Vent ! Yes, I said it..... and it's OK. There are always going to be things we do that we don't like or that we feel is not for us. So I'm going to tell you that I tried something today, very popular out there, and it SUCKED !
So let me back track. Several posts ago I talked about a blanket I was starting. I was so looking forward to working on the blanket and watching the X-factor. Well, 1st, the X-factor was delayed due to the baseball game rain delay. That was fine except when they finally aired it, they cut off the last 45 min....inserted 10 min. of a sitcom and went back to the game. Very strange.... while I was waiting, I thought I would take my 5-10 min. and play a computer game. Yep !!! A long time ago, I used to play roulette on the computer. It was fun. What I did today, was not fun. I went to facebook and looked up games. I found this "Ava Tingo Bingo". OOOOOHHH that sounded interesting, even had my name in it. It was a slot game. Didn't understand it at all. So then I thought I'd go and find a roulette game. THAT took 20 min. and I never got to a spot. In fact, I never got to the blanket and after the strange TV thing.......I fell asleep over the computer (lap top) and I got up now to post this !
Let's just say, I'm so happy that I've told people to keep their fish and their farms. They can keep their facebook games too. That 5-10 min. leap was too much for me. It turned into an hour of junk. Well, on a positive note, it sure got me away from the norm.
Hope your experience was better !
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