Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 6

What a day today was..... First of all, I have to share that it is exactly midnight ! I finished blogging for Day 6 about a minute or 2 ago..... I hit a button by accident and deleted the post !!!!!! Now I have to re-create it. That's pretty much how my day was , except it was all good. (just a little frustrating). First I was up early to set up and work at an intern/career fair. The I went home for a few hours, re-paced bags and headed to my tri-annual "Knights of the Round Table" mastermind series.  I live 3 flights up, loaded all the stuff for the morning event into one trip and then when I got to my car, I realized I forgot my phone. The great thing is that I did the same exact thing heading out to the evening event.........and of course, now I deleted my first post and have to do it all again. Other than that, the day was awesome! No, it really was.....
So I decided that today I was going to do something I haven't done in awhile. THAT was listen to my classical radio station on the way home from my last event. It was great. I couldn't tell you who performed the piece however the DJ stated at the end that there were 13 wind instruments in the song as well as violin and piano. When I flipped into it, the piano and violin were fighting.... sort of like my day.....then in the middle - all the instruments were the end it was back to the piano and violin. It even ended in a way that makes you say, "Hey, what happens now?".  It was not what you would expect to hear turning on the classical music. That said, it was still engaging and relaxing even though I could relate it to my crazy day.
Those that know me know that I love all kinds of music. I just hadn't listened to the classical station in some time. I enjoyed it.  How was YOUR day?

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