Saturday, August 31, 2013

Days 315,316,317 So I hate to talk anything negative here. (anywhere really, but let's leave it at that.... ) however, I'm really annoyed over this blog site... I don't know what happened to it. I can't load in any pictures or web pages.... bear with me as I am trying to get it fixed.... If anyone knows why it's doing this, kindly let me know..... Catching up has been a little tougher than I thought. As we moved into the latter part of the blog challenge it has been harder to post. Anyone else having that problem? Ok... so I had this pizza recently .... I had no idea it had hot peppers on it.... I was picking off the hot peppers and my mouth was still a little hot.......chalk one up for trying something new ! I will work on this site this week so bear with me on that........Keep going out to do different things outside of your normal routine.... We will be moving into a transitional blog soon. Let's see how these last days go........still have a little time.... Enjoy !

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