Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 296, & 297, Conference is done now. Very difficult to get in the business center and post here. Still have to clean up a couple of posts as it doesn't take the pics. from here too well. Anyway, spent these days doing great things that I don't do that often. I actually spent some time in the pool here.... Last evening, I spent over an hour just sitting out on the veranda near the pool..... left there about midnight or even a little later. I also spent 10 min. lying on my bed doing absolutely nothing.... ( something I'm going to do very soon in Virgina!) Spent 30 min. in a wisdomm circle. WEll, that alone is not something that fall into the criteria for this blog, however...... this particular wisdon circle had women in it from various parts of the Country.... THAT was WAAAAAAY cool. I also got to meet and chat with the beautiful Forbes Riley of infomercial fame...... Not sure when I will be able to post again..........hang in there with the challenge as we approach day 300..... lots of things in store for our next blog challenge......... Enjoy !

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