Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 294 Well spending 10 minutes trying to figure out how to work this darn computer here at the hotel really shouldn't count!!! As you may notice, I try very hard to keep all the posts positive.... to an extent anyway! Day 1 of the Conference was more like a meet and greet. Here a day early and watching people slowly trickle in was interesting. Hotel is not as nice as last year however it is still a great time . Today is the pre conference day and events that some peoople will take advantage of prior to kick off tomorrow. So last night, I spent an interesting hour in the pool area. We were sitting in the jacuzzi (that doesn't really work that well) and meeting new people that were there with us. One of the Women , very unassuming, is in a transition of a new business. Without getting into all that she does, she helps Women from countries where Women aren't really given any rights, to see that they are worth something. She opens their eyes to possibilites and counsels them on transitioning their own lives. Witha a trave and nursing background, she is looking to find a way to take this on the road, even as a non profit status, and heal others...... needless to say it was an interesting time in the jacuzzi.... Enjoy ! Visit our web page.

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