Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Days 299 and 300 Wow, breaking the 300th day ! Mon and Tues. were still spent out of State..... Visiting cool places out here in Dallas. That is definitely something I don't get to do every day. Tues., we got to eat in a local Mexican Restaurant. WE found it on line and went to check it out. Very simple little place. What was really interesting is that it sits very close to the landing field of LOVE FIELD.....on our way out, we got to experience a plane coming in for a landing. My heart was in my feet as it looked like it was coming right towards us at warp speed..... Cray Cray !!!! Also went to a store called RETRO and found this wallet with the 2 eyes on it.... looked it up. It's from Buddha religion and symbols meaning the Wisdom Eyes watching over you. How cool is that..... Will have to get photo in when I get home.... Also met a photographer with an interesting business card which made for interesting conversation ! Photo to follow.... And.... took a trip to DMA....Dallas Museum of Art..... very cool ! Enjoy !

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