Monday, July 23, 2018

Sharing the Journey part 2 of 2....

Well hello Monday !

So this is up a little late as I have been sick in bed since I got home from Beautiful Dallas ! I think it's just someone's way of telling me to slow here we are with part 2 of the eWomen Network Conference Journey. Some of you may have seen some FB clips.... either way , enjoy the experience here and check out some of the pages for yourself.... this is just "cliff notes" ! LOL

First, I have to mention our hypnotist, Wayne Lee. Going to share a video clip of one of his shows from you tube.  Funny thing is he talks about how he found something he enjoyed, cultivated it, learned and by replicatiing practically the same routine each time, he makes it work for his life !
He even comments in one of his videos that the "participants" or the "people" make it different each time even though the premise is the same. He talks about "WEAPON WORDS" and how they can make us do things out of the ordinary.... so hypnotism in general is something we can relate to our everyday lives.......

Above: Full show from Wayne Lee 
This is the same basic premise yet from a few years ago.... he did the same thing at our conference and it was totally a different vibe !  Amazing !

A few photos from OUR conference with Wayne:

Aside from hearing Sandra Yancey Speak, one of my favorite sessions was with Rock Star Marketer Craig Duswalt.  Check him out at 

Craig brings an out of the box thinking and energy to all that he does. As a former Road Manager for Guns and Roses, Craig embodies the Rock Star image and how you can obtain that in all of your marketing and writing ! It's so special to me when I can get Craig to pose with an 
Ava's Eye Bag too !! Woo Hoo

....and the journey doesn't stop as you connect with Women and Men from all over the World, the Country and even from our own backyard ( our own chapter).... 

....Like Nitra Jain of Glitter Trunk,  Julia Bernadsky of Untamed Hearts... Trenesa Danuser, David Medansky,
Amy Ostigny, Michele McLaughlin, Sylvia Henderson, Aime Hutton, Bonnie Paterino , Brenda Kiss, and more....

Of course, our chapter managing Director Rosemarie Couture DeSaro makes it all gel together for our team....

Pictured here on screen with CEO Sandra Yancey

We even did a "Shoe-fie" challenge and I took my familiar NOT BASIC sneakers on a little journey of its own.... LOL

WE learned how important the use of video is these days and now Julia is going to be doing some podcasting on how to eat Vegan on the road while traveling.... cool !

I also can not forget my special time with Global Designer Samina Mughal.... our friendship dinner and our business collaboration all in one swoop ! Love you girl ! check her out with so much to offer....

So what does it all mean????   Let's end with this much.... Did you know only 2% of Women make six figures !!!   That said, Sandra is on a mission to help 1 Million Women make 1 Million dollars in revenue each year.... Check out the amazing Women ( and Men) of eWomenNetwork and join us on the journey !

Remember you can always contact me for any and all information on my posts. This blog is for entertainment and information from my perspective ! Remember, everything goes down better with a little perspective !

Enjoy !

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