Thursday, July 12, 2018

How are you sharing your journey? Part 1 of 2...

Well hello everyone… I am coming to you from beautiful Dallas Texas… Where everything is bigger including the heat ha ha .....
It is a beautiful hump day, I've been traveling the road to get today is the day I can post.

I am at the eWomen network international conference. This is my seventh or eighth conference and it always amazes me how many wonderful women and men I get to meet here. As Sandra always says it is all about the access you can give to someone.

 We have been doing Facebook live to promote not only our beautiful new Ava's Eye bagz yet to promote other businesses as well... as we bring a little piece of the conference to you. I get to meet so many wonderful entrepreneurs here. As Sandra always says it is all about the access you can give to someone. ....Sandra is the founder and CEO of eWomen network…

So what are you doing to share your journey? With all the ways we have to share these days, if you are not doing it already, you need to tap into something that you are comfortable and familiar with.  I know it's the rule of thumb to step out of your comfort zone  and work in realms, and with people,  that you are not familiar with or that you might be a little uncomfortable with.  That said, to take someone on a journey with you, you need to work in mediums that you know. A good author writes about things that they know. So when you are taking someone along for the ride stick to things that you know, use social media that you are familiar with , Or that you at least have a good understanding of.

 Maybe you are a podcast -er or host a webinar or write a column for the local paper… Whatever it is invite us in and bring us on the journey with you… This week we will be sharing some photos and some stories of the journey I am taking this year. I am spending the Summer tweaking some of my business practices and procedures and what we can do to move forward. This conference is a great place to make that happen. So sit back and enjoy the journey as we visit some amazing women and men  here at the eWomen network international conference in Dallas.

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