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Welcome to our very first FANTASTIC FLIP !

Helloooooo all and welcome to our very first FANTASTIC FLIP... So once a year, around March, when we are through the Holidays of the previous year, through the New Year Celebrations and through most of the bad weather... ( although you wouldn't know that by today's weather... LOL)  we will entertain the blog post of another hand selected blogger that I have built a business relationship with..... Today is our very first one so I hope you enjoy the writing of  Krystle J. Bailey.... You will find MY blog post at her site....( see below) Welcome, Krystle, to Ava's Allocations as our very first FANTASTIC FLIP !

Krystle J Bailey is an author, poet, and lifestyle motivator. She is a mom of two and happily married newlywed. Krystle is passionate about encouraging women to live their best lives from the inside out - free from competition and full of self-worth. She uses the power of story and vulnerability to connect with women across the world in a positive and encouraging way. Nourish: A Journey to Loving and Embracing the Woman Within can be found at  


Show up for life with a smile. Life is full of twists and turns, beginnings and ends, ebbs and flows, hills and valleys. In our relationships, careers, health, and life is ever flowing and ever evolving. Change is inevitable and the one thing that we can surely count on. In the most recent changes of my personal life, I have been left with uncertainty. Uncertainty can be terrifying but it can also be magical. Some of the most beautiful chapters of our lives won't be given a title until much later but begin in seasons of unknown.

A few weeks back, I found myself waking up each day lacking purpose or direction. I was beginning to feel frustrated by this burden of not knowing where I was going. Every day, I was sending my children off to school only to feel aimless once I was empty handed. One morning, I woke up feeling refreshed in my spirit. I had a sense of security even in the unknown. 

A simple thought came out of my mouth that began to shift things for me. It said, "Just keep showing up. Keep showing up with a smile. Be a yes to life. And let the rest of the pieces fall where they may." 

That began to open up worlds of conversation that inspired my life. So much so that I began blogging about my experiences! On the first day, I met a 92-year-old man and his wife who felt it in her spirit that she needed to tell me to "not obsess over life" and that "everything will be okay." Hello?! If that's not a beautiful sign to keep showing up, I don't know what is. The same day, I met new entrepreneurial friends who I stay in touch with and expand off of, enhancing each other's lives. On another encounter, I had an awakening yoga experience followed by the pastor at church seemingly speaking directly to my heart. So many beautiful encounters, experiences, and moments of awareness are happening by just showing up with a smile. 

I still don't know exactly where I am headed but things are falling into place. 

Seasons change, we learn to adapt. I'll leave you with a lesson that I learned in yoga practice. 

On the mat and in life, we have three options at any given moment (or pose):

Option 1: Run. Flee. Escape. 

but you're already here... so...

Option 2: Stay but be frustrated, annoyed, telling yourself all the reasons that where you are isn't where you should be. 

Then there is Option 3: Stay and embrace. Stay and welcome whatever the pose or the moment has in store for you, right here, right now. 

It's up to you to choose. Most of life is a dance between those three. Dance like nobody's watching. 

With light and love, 


Krystle J Bailey
Author, Poet, Speaker, Mentor

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