Sunday, March 25, 2018

Santiago in the House.... Elvis Style....In the spotlight this week !

Wow! I am enjoying such an Elvis Journey and meeting some great people along the way..... Hello all and welcome to our Elvis Spotlight week ! 

So in speaking with this gentleman, he says he's not really and ETA ( Elvis Tribute Artist) because he doesn't look like Elvis.... Hmmmm..... so what do you call it??? I think he's amazing.... say hello to:

                                                           JESUS SANTIAGO

.... what an amazing talent.... check out some of the things I dug up....

I listened to some of his You Tube music and I wanted to find a song that closed your could hear that Elvis influence.... I think this one captures it well.... Jesus, you may not look  like an  Elvis ETA... yet you capture his spirit.....and you look darn fine doing it !  

Jesus explained to me that he saw and Elvis movie when he was just 8 years old and was hooked after that. He loves to sing songs from the Elvis Movies and has been doing that all his life.... he is also a Doo Wop singer and has some shows coming up this Summer, singing with the COASTLINERS.....

His favorite thing is to entertain people....

I have to shout out to my pals, Geri Petito and Richie Santa.... I met Jesus Santiago through them !

Hope you enjoy a little glimpse of Jesus Santiago 

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