Monday, March 19, 2018

Are we just lost in translation???

Hello all,

Well, it's another good morning yet this time it's still dark out ! Whew !  Talk about crazy....

If you remember from the last post as we spoke about things that inspire and the K.Y. W.  (Know Your Worth) . I'm going to expand that slightly and change just one letter and one word.... Know Your WORDS.... for this particular purpose only !

With language barriers, poor road signage, text slang, school slang, street slang , work slang... and on and on and on.... Do we all just get lost in translation anymore??????

You know that I don't like to touch on the negative things we have to deal with on a daily basis yet I've got to blog about this for it inspires me to do better....

We have come to a place where visual understanding is the best way we see things and even THAT is limited to a curve of about a minute before we lose our audience....


I think, yes I actually do that sometimes, I think..... we should continue to maintain a level of common ground combining old and new styles ( not only in fashion yet in many communication) and not give in to a World that would like to limit the time we do something, learn something or understand something.... It's true, we have to taper things to keep our audiences engaged today.... yet is it true?  If you write something too long, is anyone reading it? If you talk to long, sing too long or dance to anyone noticing? Is anyone listening?

We can only hope that if we stay true to ourselves and do what we feel in our hearts, that the people that need to see, hear, or do.... will do just that.  I urge you to take the time to read, listen, sing, dance, act, swim, walk, ride, play.... no matter how long it takes.  Don't shorten your strengths to condone mediocrity.... that is not our life purpose !  Don't get "Lost in the translation"....make an effort to understand each other and rise to any occasion....

This full clip is 8 minutes long.... see if you find it as funny as it was when it first came out.... then take a look at another shorter clip that fits the bill !  Stay true to matter what !


Bill Murray Lost in Translation from You Tube

Enjoy !

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