Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Day 1 Over or Under?

Here we go Day 1....

Hello and welcome to our fun "great debates".... this is meant to be fun. For entertainment only... I invite you to chime in, yet keep it clean please... ( as we talk about the bathroom today..hahahaha)
How many things do we do where many people do it one way, and many people do it another way... I was surprised to see, in my research this week,  that there is a science behind this....really??? ok... let's take a look...

So let's talk trash.... in the restroom....

This is one of my favorite topics... especially after my bathroom book... LOL

So what is the proper way to hang the toilet paper....OVER OR UNDER.... ????

I found this on line....
excerpt by Geoffrey James

Much of bacteria found in public restrooms is e. coli from human feces, a common source of food poisoning. E-coli is easily transferred from surfaces to your fingers and thence to anything that you eat with your hands.
Which brings us to hanging toilet paper. The moment when a restroom user's hands are most likely to carry bacteria is when they reach for toilet paper.
If the toilet paper is hung "over" their fingers only touch the toilet paper that they'll be using, which will subsequently be flushed.
However, if the toilet paper is hung "under" there's a good chance their fingers will brush the wall as well, leaving a deposit.
If so, every subsequent restroom user who reaches for toilet paper runs the risk of not only of picking up the bacteria that's been deposited already, but also leaving more for the next user to pick up.
Many places that hang the paper with it "over" do something with the paper to make it look fancy... ie: flower decorations of toilet paper, folds to make it look inviting... LOL.... I love that. I love to see the creativity in the toilet paper... 

From You Tube's "Good Mythical Morning"....

So I ask you, Do you hang it OVER OR UNDER?
Enjoy !
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