Thursday, August 30, 2018

It's a bird, it's a plane...wait, it's Thunder over the Boardwalk !

Good morning all...

Mid week events sometimes get me a little behind here . So here we are.... Summer coming to a close and new and exciting things on the horizon for the Fall and Winter of 2018.  Remember to always shoot for the moon, for if you miss, you will land among the stars.....

Many of our locals know that when August Rolls around we get to hear the rolling sounds of Thunder Over the Boardwalk. This is the annual Atlantic City Air Show . It's always and honor and a pleasure to go out and cover it.  This year, along with Lisa Diane Hall of LD TV, and Mijatovic Polanco of Mr. Panting Productions, we got to see and hear it all again.... yes, in the sweltering heat. The heat did not stop many people from all over attending the air show. Appearances by Tony Orlando and the American Bombshells were also part of the festivities. The boardwalk was filled with engaging activities for all to partake in.  T-shirts, fun gadgets, trivia and various things to do graced both sides of the boardwalk as you made your way down to the beach to watch the show.

                                              Above: Mijatovic Polanco and Lisa Diane Hall

Above: Ava Holly ( ME )  and Lisa Diane Hall

Above: Beverly Beveridge and (ME) Ava Holly

For the first time, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds team showed off THEIR stuff as you will hear in the interview with Larry Sieg of CRDA Atlantic City.  It's always a pleasure to run into my friends Doreen Prinzo and Karen Martin promoting Atlantic City along with Larry and their respective teams.

Others you will see interviewed include Beverly Beveridge, Vice Pres. at Large of  the Atlantic City Public Relations Council-- Lisa Diane Hall Media of LD TV--  Jocelyn Earle "Sparkle Earle" Vibe 609 radio.   Many other media people come out to capture the fun of the AC Air Show
We were able to get a shot of Nick Pittman, "NorEaster Nick" of SNJ....

Of course we are always on location with Mr. Panting Productions via Marco Panting and Mijatovic Polanco.  They always make us look good.  Sit back and enjoy the video of the 16th annual Atlantic City Air Show.

Mr. Panting Productions
Mike Swagg/ Ava Holly

Thank you to all those that have us back each year for the show. It's truly a fun and memorable experience.  Visit for all the excitement happening in Atlantic City. When you are in the area, come on down.....and tell them Ava sent you !

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Stay tuned for this Sunday's post on the Holtzman Gallery Exhibit...........back on track !

Participants in the 16th Atlantic City Thunder over the Boardwalk exhibition include: 



Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Make your network work for you !

Good Tuesday everyone. As I doctor a horrible cough that has lasted a month now, I have a little down time  (not really ) to reflect on a few things and am always looking at ways to move forward in a positive direction....

First, let me say a big thank you to all my friends and fans who have helped to take this blog to over 62,000 viewers over the past few years. I find it truly humbling and I feel blessed that you take time to check us out !

Now let's talk about your NETWORK... The phrase I love the most that I've learned over the years of networking is that it is not NET- SIT or NET- EAT.... even though sitting and eating may accompany your networking aspect at the end of the day it is NET- WORK !  This means you have to WORK, hello......

Well how do we do that????   The first tip I can give you after networking for many , many years, is to build relationships. People do business with people they KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST.... When you build those 3 things...the rest will follow.  Your network should not only be your "sales" meeting yet it should also be your extended family. 

Many of you know that I love to network. I love to get to know people and have them get to know me. I've been involved in many groups and organizations and still sit on 3 boards today !   In this post, I want to talk about a particular group of people....that is my SOUTH JERSEY NETWORK  family....

This is a unique group as we come together to really get to know one another...and that is how we help make all of our businesses not only survive yet thrive.....

Once a year, we put on a huge networking event that is open to anyone wanting to network with strong like minded professionals.  In our regular routine, we meet twice a month...once for lunch and once for a "business person social" in the early evening.... We are closing in on 100 members making us the largest group of its' kind on the East Coast.

Here is just a glimpse from our last big event.... this one took place at the Linwood Country Club and I had the pleasure of working with Awesome TV . The 1st interview is with Designer and guest Al Seerville. The 2nd interview is with my husband and  SJN member, Art Korth. (These are short clips)

                                                                       AL SEMERVILLE

For this extravaganza that we do once a year, we provide thousands of dollars of prizes that you can walk away with... food... and the most awesome networking you can imagine. Our last event like this one yielded over 600 people.  Can you network deeply with that crowd ? Probably not, yet you take this time to make a connection and that connection grows into something that takes you to the next level....then you improve on THAT !

                                                                     ART KORTH

"OMG ! How do I get into all that?", you ask.... well I am here to tell you....

This year, Aug. 28th from 6-9 PM  join us at the
901 Somers Point Mays Landing Rd. 
Somers Point, NJ  08244

If you are in the South Jersey or surrounding area, you can get into this event for FREE with a special ticket. It just so happens the ticket is attached here for you so you can come ! WOO HOO!

If you are not in the area, please check out your local networking groups aside from your chambers and other places. Find a category SPECIFIC  group so you can build solid relationships in different areas of your business.

For more information, you can always reach out to me here or at my web page 

Let me know if you are coming to our awesome event to meet our South Jersey Network Family ...

.....and remember, tell them AVA sent you !....


Sunday, July 29, 2018

John Monforto on the go..... As Elvis !

Yay ! Back to Sunday posts and our latest edition of ETA's.  We missed last month with all the stories going on.... so much happening that 2018 and 2019 are sure to be jam packed with cool stuff. Thank you all for taking a few moments to read..... and engage !

Say hello to JOHN MONFORTO... John is such an accomplished entertainer. He has a repertoire of more than just Elvis, yet here we are featuring him as Elvis.... so let's get the formal stuff written first.... LOL....

John comes to us from New Jersey...woo hoo ! John's years of experience on the road performing enable him to entertain us in small gatherings as well as corporate settings and larger stages....

Wow all in one person !!!!  I guess us creatives have a virtual office of talents within ourselves... LOL

John has been seen as Elvis on many billboards across Germany for Sony as well as Performing as Elvis for the Norwegian Cruise Lines.... He is also the official Rocky Balboa Impersonator for the City of Philadelphia !

John began singing and performing at an early age...He continued acting after school and worked with numerous bands and performers.

John's ability to capture and audience of 10 or 10,000 keeps him in high demand for various projects including radio, TV and corporate functions to name a few....

John has been performing now over 30 years and keeping us all entertained.

Seen above with ELAINE CHEZ as Marilyn !

I have had the pleasure of speaking with his partner and business associate, Debbie Flemming Montforto and found our conversation to be quite engaging.  I am looking forward to  a repeat story on John in the future as well as some of our other ETA's.

I'm thrilled to , not only , have reported on these ETA's yet have become friends with them. This is especially true of Richie Santa as well as Jimmy T. as Elvis, Walt Sanders, Peter Alden and several others....  ( find them on Face Book too ) I'm truly blessed to know these performers  and to call them friends.  Stay tuned as we continue reporting on ETA's across the Country....Hats off to John Monforto.... as Elvis !

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Sharing the Journey part 2 of 2....

Well hello Monday !

So this is up a little late as I have been sick in bed since I got home from Beautiful Dallas ! I think it's just someone's way of telling me to slow here we are with part 2 of the eWomen Network Conference Journey. Some of you may have seen some FB clips.... either way , enjoy the experience here and check out some of the pages for yourself.... this is just "cliff notes" ! LOL

First, I have to mention our hypnotist, Wayne Lee. Going to share a video clip of one of his shows from you tube.  Funny thing is he talks about how he found something he enjoyed, cultivated it, learned and by replicatiing practically the same routine each time, he makes it work for his life !
He even comments in one of his videos that the "participants" or the "people" make it different each time even though the premise is the same. He talks about "WEAPON WORDS" and how they can make us do things out of the ordinary.... so hypnotism in general is something we can relate to our everyday lives.......

Above: Full show from Wayne Lee 
This is the same basic premise yet from a few years ago.... he did the same thing at our conference and it was totally a different vibe !  Amazing !

A few photos from OUR conference with Wayne:

Aside from hearing Sandra Yancey Speak, one of my favorite sessions was with Rock Star Marketer Craig Duswalt.  Check him out at 

Craig brings an out of the box thinking and energy to all that he does. As a former Road Manager for Guns and Roses, Craig embodies the Rock Star image and how you can obtain that in all of your marketing and writing ! It's so special to me when I can get Craig to pose with an 
Ava's Eye Bag too !! Woo Hoo

....and the journey doesn't stop as you connect with Women and Men from all over the World, the Country and even from our own backyard ( our own chapter).... 

....Like Nitra Jain of Glitter Trunk,  Julia Bernadsky of Untamed Hearts... Trenesa Danuser, David Medansky,
Amy Ostigny, Michele McLaughlin, Sylvia Henderson, Aime Hutton, Bonnie Paterino , Brenda Kiss, and more....

Of course, our chapter managing Director Rosemarie Couture DeSaro makes it all gel together for our team....

Pictured here on screen with CEO Sandra Yancey

We even did a "Shoe-fie" challenge and I took my familiar NOT BASIC sneakers on a little journey of its own.... LOL

WE learned how important the use of video is these days and now Julia is going to be doing some podcasting on how to eat Vegan on the road while traveling.... cool !

I also can not forget my special time with Global Designer Samina Mughal.... our friendship dinner and our business collaboration all in one swoop ! Love you girl ! check her out with so much to offer....

So what does it all mean????   Let's end with this much.... Did you know only 2% of Women make six figures !!!   That said, Sandra is on a mission to help 1 Million Women make 1 Million dollars in revenue each year.... Check out the amazing Women ( and Men) of eWomenNetwork and join us on the journey !

Remember you can always contact me for any and all information on my posts. This blog is for entertainment and information from my perspective ! Remember, everything goes down better with a little perspective !

Enjoy !

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

How are you sharing your journey? Part 1 of 2...

Well hello everyone… I am coming to you from beautiful Dallas Texas… Where everything is bigger including the heat ha ha .....
It is a beautiful hump day, I've been traveling the road to get today is the day I can post.

I am at the eWomen network international conference. This is my seventh or eighth conference and it always amazes me how many wonderful women and men I get to meet here. As Sandra always says it is all about the access you can give to someone.

 We have been doing Facebook live to promote not only our beautiful new Ava's Eye bagz yet to promote other businesses as well... as we bring a little piece of the conference to you. I get to meet so many wonderful entrepreneurs here. As Sandra always says it is all about the access you can give to someone. ....Sandra is the founder and CEO of eWomen network…

So what are you doing to share your journey? With all the ways we have to share these days, if you are not doing it already, you need to tap into something that you are comfortable and familiar with.  I know it's the rule of thumb to step out of your comfort zone  and work in realms, and with people,  that you are not familiar with or that you might be a little uncomfortable with.  That said, to take someone on a journey with you, you need to work in mediums that you know. A good author writes about things that they know. So when you are taking someone along for the ride stick to things that you know, use social media that you are familiar with , Or that you at least have a good understanding of.

 Maybe you are a podcast -er or host a webinar or write a column for the local paper… Whatever it is invite us in and bring us on the journey with you… This week we will be sharing some photos and some stories of the journey I am taking this year. I am spending the Summer tweaking some of my business practices and procedures and what we can do to move forward. This conference is a great place to make that happen. So sit back and enjoy the journey as we visit some amazing women and men  here at the eWomen network international conference in Dallas.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The 2 new FACES of Atlantic City... A Rock and a Ball !!!

Wow ! The 4th is almost here so I've been saving this post for today to wish you all a fabulous celebration of  our Country's Independence. If  you are reading this from Outside the U.S., I hope you will take a moment to share in the joy with us and use every moment of your life to create your own joy !

                                                 BERMAN REALITY AT HARD ROCK

Thank you all for taking this blog post to over 61,000 viewers ! We are read in over 5 Countries....this post includes a lot of little stories that go along with of which that the new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is operating in over 75 Countries around the World. So along with our Nation's Celebrations, Hard Rock Celebrates all over the World.  Much to be thankful for this holiday weekend....  Above is local Radio Personality Marc Berman. I just love catching people catching the action !

Let's start with the new Ocean Resort Casino. If you remember, this was the REVEL with a huge ball that sits atop the building. We found out that this is a remote controlled panel so all kinds of things can be put onto that ball....Now that it is the Ocean Resort, their theme is going to be " Have a ball".... so if you ride by and look can see a great big Beach Ball lighting up that ball atop the building.

We know all the execs. are excited about the new found spirit in Atlantic City. This was a deal that came within 9 minutes of not happening.... and now, it's another unique AC experience. The views from the boardwalk levels are amazing and overlook the Ocean. Walking paths and scenic areas to relax grace that space. Ocean Resort has also employed Ambassadors, many of them college students, to act as escorts to various places around the property.... Welcome to the new Ocean Resort !

Next, we move on to the iconic name of the HARD ROCK hotel and casino.  They have taken over the building formerly known a the Taj.  Honored to be part of the press for both properties, we had an amazing day at the grand openings.....

 This is a step forward for the Seminole Tribes, who are partners in the Hard Rock Brand. It was great to hear and see the tribe around for the day....

 Let's see if I can sum it up quickly with photos...there were so many memories....

From Meeting the very first Hard Rock employee, Miss Rita, to the fabulous food at the Press Luncheon...the day was just amazing.... Check out the photos and captions....

 Yours truly with Miss Rita, what a blast....

 A guitar and plaque handed to the son of Mark Etess as they re dedicated the Theater and entertainment space.....

 Miss Beverly showing off her barefoot sandals with guitar pick sewn in...

Fabulous Food ....

Local Reporters from SNJ Nick and from Shore Local Magazine Steve....Earl from AC Times...The new Miss New Jersey Jaime Gialloreto.... and from the legendary E Street Band... Mr.  Vini Lopez....

One of my fav's....Elvis' Rolls in the lobby.... and on the big screen as you ride up the escalator....

And also, while I was at the event..... a photo sent to me of the guitar travelling up on the highway....thank you !

CEO of Hard Rock Jim Allen made the day quite special.... Over 50,000 applications came in to the property and 3,900 of the best and brightest were selected to kick off the Residence of Hard Rock into AC.... They position themselves as an Entertainment Brand not a Casino Brand so things are done just a little differently....They are committed to providing World Class Entertainment, World Class food and more ....

Ocean Resort will be sporting Free parking for the Summer as well. With 2 great Faces, Casinos, Resorts, Entertainment.... AC is enjoying an excitement that has been missing for some time now.
When you are in the area, check out the boardwalk with all of it's great Casinos and shops and be sure to visit both Ocean Resort and Hard Rock !!!

Withe the slogans.... "Have a Ball" and "Love all, serve all"...we are sure to see these brands around for quite some time !

Enjoy !

                                                     Legendary Drummer Max Weinberg

Ava and Hard Rock CEO Jim Allen

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