Friday, August 26, 2016

For the Love of BREAKFAST !

Hello all,

What better way to set up this next blog post than to center it around FOOD !  LOL

I had the honor and the pleasure of meeting Melanie Ruggles today at a new hot spot to eat breakfast and lunch. For me, it's all about the Love of Breakfast.... the most important meal of the day !

We have our share of great places to eat here in Galloway , NJ.  Hopefully, I'll get to share some of them with you in the blogspot !  We have even had Guy Fieri out at a few places in the surrounding area... Maybe we can get him to visit the new Hot Spot.........THE CRACKED EGG. 

If you want to chat with Melanie, the first thing she will tell you is that she is NOT Norman Bates' Mom !  Guess you have to be a local to understand that one. You know you can always send in questions or comments and I will do my best to answer and get to know you better .....

So Melanie, originally from NJ, had a business in Florida. She studied Hotel Restaurant Management and found herself living in Florida. She came back to NJ with her husband and wound up working for Ford. Yep, she worked in the Ford Dealerships. Wanting to get into a business in her field, she decided she would move back to Florida to pursue that dream...

One day, her husband was driving down the road and saw the restaurant space for lease at the Ten Acre Motel in Galloway. The rest is history as they say.... ( Who is THEY anyway???)

After a remodel and a run through of a couple of chefs, Melanie hit the hot spot with an article in the Atlantic City Press .  She also wound up hiring Chef Marina, a  former Restaurant owner herself....

OMG the Omelets are so delicious !!!!!  I'm going back Tuesday and bringing someone new too !!

Find THE CRACKED EGG CAFE  on Facebook !

If you are in the Galloway area of New Jersey stop in at the Cracked Egg at 637 New York Rd. Galloway, NJ  and of course....tell them Ava sent you !

                                                                CHEF MARINA

Monday, August 22, 2016

Want to expand your brand? Think Radio !

Wow...hello and where does the time go???
It seems to move faster and faster the older we get, huh?

In this industry, as many of you know, time even goes faster as you are setting up events, meetings, and plans for months, weeks and sometimes years in advance....

That said, we still move forward with those little "clock" hands ticking and we do it with hope in our hearts, pep in our step and a vision of a bright future for our families ....

The best way to move is to move.... and forward looks pretty good wouldn't you say?

Today, I had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by long time friend and business associate,
LISA DIANE HALL ( Link for casual chat video)

For those of you that remember Lisa, she was on the local media scene here for many years. Now her talents take her to Florida where she has spent the last 4 years doing the same. She is currently the regional sales manager for National Christian Network Radio. Along with her sales manager role, she also produces shows for the network including her own LIVE WITH LISA DIANE.

So how do we do that???
The nice thing is that many  people today are moving into radio with support from networks such as this. In Lisa's case, you can buy your own block of time on the network from a 15 minute block all the way up to an hour block. You can obtain your own sponsorships , if you like, and really take your brand to another level. As Lisa says, " It creates a platform for people to promote and expand their brand".

Catch us today live-streaming on Facebook at the Lisa Diane Hall page and also on the 4 A STAR page...

You can listen to Lisa's show every Monday from 3-4 PM on WJFP FM 91.1 out of Coca Beach , Fla.

This is just one of many stations under the Christian Radio Network. Also, it doesn't have to be a religious show  that you set up for yourself. You can promote a business, service you offer, etc...

With over 25 years in sales , marketing and media I am honored to be partnering, and representing Lisa Diane in the dreams she follows that align with mine.

We will see more of her.... catch her on Facebook at Lisa Diane Hall where you can find her radio show and much more.

Other areas that house this network include :
WCNO 89.9 FM Palm City/Boca Raton/Ft. Lauderdale
WJFG which houses 5 are a few:
91.1 FM ( mentioned above) Ft. Pierce/Port Saint Lucie/ Vero Beach
107.1 FM   The Palm Beaches/Riviera Beach
88.5  FM  Clewiston-Belle Glade,Fl

Rejoice 103.7 FM  Orlando Fla.

WWBC 94.7 FM  Freeport, Bahamas

There are also a few AM locations on the airwaves.  Many choices for this network.

If you are thinking about radio to expand your brand, consider Lisa Diane Hall and stay tuned as we explore other areas in this field.

Once again, thank you Lisa for spending time on the CASUAL CHAT today and for interviewing me on your show.....

Enjoy !

will have a whole new look in a few weeks !

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What does "Social" mean anyway and how do you get it ?

Hello all,

Back from Vegas with another awesome experience there ! We are in talks with an affiliate there to bring you our "Eyes" from the West.... 4 A STAR West.... so stay tuned for that.... so much happening as we move into the Fall Season...

Let's talk about "Social".  How do you get that?  Well, many of you may remember that a SOCIAL was sort of an event where you went out to meet people and mingle. Today, you do the same meeting, AND you do it on line !  Hence, Social Media...

I am not the social media guru. Everything I know about anything on line I pretty much taught myself. I am, however, and expert in meeting and connecting people and today we are connecting you with one of the best in the Social Media World.... ERIN MERCER 

Let's go back a little..... Erin got started in the social media arena when she was working at one of the Casino's in Atlantic City. She was trained by a Social Media "EXPERT" along with other responsibilities she held there. When the Casino downsized, she was the one who was out....

She started looking for Social media jobs in the local market and couldn't fine anything.....
That's when she realized that Social Media didn't exist in this area yet !!!

The light bulb came on and Mainspring Social Media was born. She started offering her services, in the Social Media World, to small and mid-sized businesses. Among her clients were Restaurants, Real Estate Agencies and also doing speakers pages to name a few.  Now she offers these same services to anyone .  She even now has a band she manages social media for. She has expanded to include Attorneys, Wedding agencies and is available to speak and train at businesses who may want to keep their Social Media IN HOUSE.   Wow !

So you get a feel for her background, Erin has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. She's a member of the South Jersey Network, was featured in South Jersey Magazine and has a staff that has been trained through schooling with degrees in marketing and journalism ( and/or communications.)

You can find Erin Mercer on Face Book.
As always you can contact me for any and all info on my blogs at 
If you find old info on that site, just be assured it will updated this week. We are moving to a new format and the web page will have a new look in August.

Thank you for all of your continued support. We are now up over 13,200 readers !

Be back soon with lots of stuff to share from the International eWomen Conference.....

                                                     Meet Erin Mercer- Social Media Expert

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

So how can you FLOAT your troubles away ?

Hellooooooo all,

So good to be in here talking with you today. It's been a little traumatic as my daughter suffered a freak accident a couple of weeks ago and nearly lost one of her fingers. Not out of the woods yet. Doing fine after surgery.... just praying for an "infection free" 4 more weeks.....

Hope you had a chance to check out my post about being the LOCAL BARTENDER.... if not, take a moment and go back to it. I had the pleasure of meeting a local bartender who exemplified exactly what I was talking about. He has now taken something he stumbled upon to a new level. If you trust your instincts , they rarely let you down. I felt so comfortable with owner and operator
 JAMES GRISINGER, I could have sat and chatted with him for hours.....

So let's take it back a little.... James had been suffering from neck pain for quite some time. Working and standing up for long hours at a time didn't help his situation. He tried much medication, which he wasn't crazy about, and visited Doctor's to find out that he had some deterioration in his neck having bones rubbing together pretty much bone on bone.

Stumbling across a place to relax....James began to float ! Yes, I said it.....FLOAT !  What??? you mean just float?????  Coming from a family of swimmers , coaches, lifeguards and having a Sister who now owns 2 great Swim Clubs here in Galloway etc.... I just couldn't wrap my head around this concept. Me, the one who is always open to new things, didn't get it...... until yesterday !

This is such an up and coming form of meditation, relaxation, exercise for those who need extra sleep, stimulation etc....  Studies are even showing that floating can help with the stress of ailments such as Fibromyalgia  and Parkinson's Disease. Remember the word Disease...."Dis- ease" . Floating is designed to put your body at EASE. You can control your lighting with a small light up ball or use the lighting provided in the tank for a calm ease of your float. When your time is up, a gentle sound of music will come through the system to take you out of your "Zoning" or "Zen" experience.....

So let's get back to James.... owner and operator of STAYING AFLOAT right here in Galloway Township, N.J.  So when James started feeling better from floating, he was going to put one of these float chambers in his home !   Nah !!!!!!!    He kept telling people about it and they all wanted to try it. Well, here is the power of your connections. Through some friends, James was able to find and secure this great space as part of a chain of the new "common area" restaurants going up all over as well.  So in my talks with James, I found that there are 4 other float places in our general area..... 3 of them are about an hour away each.... now we have one right in our backyard in beautiful Galloway close to Stockton University.

The list is long for the benefits of floating. Just to name a few things:
It relieves physical and mental stress
Great for Meditation
Raises your "good mood" chemical body make -up  ..... 
......and much more.....

Your private tank area ( as pictured) contains about 10" of water and about 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salt.... Don't you remember the old adage, ".... go soak that in Epsom salt !" Well now you can and feel really good about it.

This is a very reasonable way to relax and rejuvenate  too. ( sorry for getting you with eyes closed in one of the shots, James... I know you couldn't wait to jump in and sleep.... haha)
And sleep you can as the Epsom Salt keeps you up and you can't roll over.  It's very hard to describe the feeling so my suggestion to you is to give it a try.... This is an up and coming trend so if you are not in THIS  area, look up FLOATING, and check it out....  If you are here, though, go visit James at

Staying Afloat  at the Exchange
80 W. Jimmie Leeds Road
Galloway, NJ 08205

Make sure you tell them Ava sent you and let me know how YOUR experience was...
You can float for only $65.00 for 90 minutes
3 floats for $ 140.00
a 3 1/2 hour float for $110.00  and there are also member packages available.
If you are a Veteran, You can float for $40.00 for 90 min...... Way cool !

I'd love to hear about your floating experience.... stay tuned as we are going to feature James and Staying afloat at the Casual Chat sometime the end of this Summer.....

Enjoy and Float On.....

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

How do you do that Leadership thing anyway???

So honored to engage in THIS  blog post ......

How do you become that effective leader? This could be of anything. Maybe you are the leader in your kitchen...... in your office..... on the matter where it is,  there has to be a starting point. Many of you know that you take little "nuggets", if you may, from every experience in your life. I learned in one of my acting classes that you try different people on like clothing and then you find the one that fits you best. These are the people that mentor you, guide you or just give you some great advice that turns the light bulb on or at least gets it shining a little brighter....

I had the honor of speaking with   Doug O'Brien,   Keri Zoumas   and Tony Dody   this evening. If you don't know these people , you should GET to know them. They could change your life.... and you can start right here at  Ava's Allocations !

Doug O'Brien got to train directly under Master Speaker Tony Robbins. ( Now I know you ALL know THAT name !)  And here is part of his story..... Tony Robbins was working on a training program known as NLP ( Neuro Linguistics Programming) Say that 10 times fast ! Ha Ha
Well, Tony needed trainers. Along came Doug O'Brien who moved up in the FAST TRACK to become a trainer at a quick pace- working directly with Tony Robbins to fill that need. He began designing training programs for NLP. Then he got certified. Loved it so much he then moved on to a Master Practitioner Trainer and then moved into his own speaking engagements, having taken classes from many others in the speaking realm
. Doug did his first FIREWALK in 1985. Those Firewalks ( walking on hot coals) are still done today at a Tony Robbins event, IF you want to try it ! I know you are certainly encouraged to do so.  One of Doug's next goals include working on another book, "Stories from the outside INN".... keep reading to see how you can meet Doug this month !
Author, Speaker, Trainer, Master networker, NLP Master Trainer and all around great guy- Doug O'Brien  ( I got the great guy thing from our phone conversation..... catch Doug on our next episode of the CASUAL CHAT)

Keri Zoumas comes to the stage from a Real Estate Career....well, that's not where it actually started but as I have said in the past....everything is designed to lead you to where you are !!
So Keri has a Dance/Drama background....hmmmm....wonder where I relate to that???? LOL
She got injured in a performance and met someone who dealt in Natural Healing.... the love of people started there. Falling in love with the Health and Wellness field was easy for her as she was learning to heal herself !  Now she needed something to do she figured she'd try Real Estate classes on a whim....( yeah right.... how many times have we done something on a whim that wound up being a true passion ! )  From there Keri started doing speaking, training, and coaching all through her real estate contacts.... and then fell in love with network marketing. If you love people, network marketing is the place to be. Now, Keri is not only a speaker and trainer but tops in her company with Arbonne ! She now speaks on a positive mindset and trains others to do the same . She is working on HER book, the "Success Playbook" due out soon. Keri has over 25 years in Personal development and founded the Zoumas Leadership School. Her positive endeavors grow everyday !
 Speaker, Trainer, Author and also all around great Gal... ( again from the phone).... - Keri Zoumas Catch her on our next episode of the CASUAL CHAT)

Tony Dody comes to us , not only as a professional speaker, but as a friend for over 15 years. Tony also fell in love with the health and wellness industry. He began looking into natural healing to deal with an illness that struck his Mom. There, he also fell in love with people, network marketing and speaking to the masses.  Tony D. has graced many stages in our area. You may have even seen him around town. Speaking and training for over 12 years, Tony D. brings HIS fresh approach to the art of, what he calls,  "ELEVATIONAL SPEAKING"
  Author, Speaker, Trainer and all around......WAIT A MINUTE, WE DID THIS ALREADY.... HMMM.... I KNOW THIS ONE, SO MAYBE WE'LL JUST LEAVE IT AT THAT !   Just kidding..... all around GREAT GUY ! - Tony Dody

What a spark of energy flew when Doug, Keri and Tony D. met.
Energy is the life force we all have inside of us naturally. You know right away when that energy of someone else makes you feel good or makes you feel bad. Bob Proctor, another great speaker, says do the thing that makes you feel GOOD. So be around the people that make you feel GOOD.  Pick up those nuggets and learn from others to be the leader of your matter where that space may be. Shakespeare says all the World is a stage and we are but the players..... ALL the World.... so find that stage in YOUR life .  

If you are in the area, you can meet and greet these 3 awesome speakers for one low price on Saturday, June 25th in Hazlet, N.J.  Reach out to me if you would like a ticket to this great event. Your discount is awaiting when you contact me directly !

I am so honored and excited to meet Doug and Keri. ( I already know Tony D.). Being an author, speaker and entertainer myself doesn't give me the right to stop learning.... we learn everyday so get up and learn something !  Then take what you learn and pass it along.....that makes you a leader.....then go and learn again.... pass it along... and become a Master at it !
And , oh yes, one of the most important ingredients..... Love what you do !  Ralph Lauren says, "Find what you love to do go in that path"
 All else will follow ......
Enjoy !


Stay tuned for new web page coming soon !

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Are you constantly connecting dots?....THE FLOWERED ROOM....

Hi all,

Hope this week is finding you well as we enter into the middle of it talking about "connecting your dots"....
Do you ever notice that things connect to other things when you don't even realize it and then after some time you go..... Ah ha !!!

Well this happened with my idea for THE FLOWERED ROOM.  If you read my blog often, you know that my company is launching a huge project next year having to do with Pocketbooks/handbags/ empowerment and charitable causes....
Well, last year, in the midst of going to an expo about fabric etc... I met some people from
 CUSTOM FABRIC FLOWERS.  Their flowers, made from beautiful fabric, was amazing! Got into a great conversation with Adam, one of the owners, and left it at that......

So now, a year later, I'm at a Bridal expo across from another company that offers services similar to mine. It was a great expo  Joe, However, I was thinking about the fact that I needed something totally different in the wedding market to stand out from the crowd !
I thought of  THE FLOWERED ROOM. A place where a bride could have her rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour or even reception in a room of flowers. I even took it to another level and have been talking with designer Lainy Gold about creating a flowered dress ( a dress where we could put real flowers on it) as an add on.....

The wheels just kept turning as I prepared to make THE FLOWERED ROOM  a reality and be able to offer it , not only to brides, but to anyone interested in the concept for their event.

A few weeks later, I was looking for my contact to Trim Lab, the company that is doing our hardware on the pocketbooks. I came across the card for custom fabric flowers that I met a year ago.... and the Photo shoot was born for THE FLOWERED ROOM.
Special thanks to  Photographer David Mitchell of Atlantic City Network,
 Custom designers David Mark for the fabulous dresses, also Samina Mughal ,
 Custom Fabric Flowers by M&S Schmalberg and of course our models for the day, Pat, Kelsey, Naim, Lisa, Warren and Adam...Ya'll Rock ! For model inquiries reach out to me at 4 A STAR. You can find us on Face Book or click on the link below the "Eyes" for direct link to our web page !

Custom Fabric Flowers.....

Owners Adam, Warren with models Pat and Kelsey............. make a nice family !!!
and ooooh.... is that a dress from the fabulous award winning Samina Mughal???  ( also very special client of ours)  Samina's dresses get around !

Models Pat and Kelsey

                  Models  Pat, Kelsey, Naim and Lisa....

                                                   Model Lisa....................


From a long line of family in the garment industry, Custom Fabric Flowers goes all the way back in time through generations. Located in the heart of New York City, customize YOUR events, clothing, furniture...pretty much anything with fabric flowers from the best shop around !

Friday, May 13, 2016

Where is Sellersville, anyway??

Whew !  what a long day. I know many of you can relate. Good Friday everyone. Thank you for taking the time to support this blog. It is up over 12,600 readers at this point !

So I had the opportunity to follow the wonderful Bluegrass Band VINTAGE DRIVE, out to Sellersville. Where is Sellersville anyway?

Sellersville is located in Pennsylvania. It is a beautiful quaint little town, even in the pouring rain !

Two of the coolest places I've seen in Sellersville is the "Sellersville Theater" and the "Washington House"  They are next to each other and both have a rich history. The Washington House has been in this location since 1742. Once a railroad station and has passed through owners of the land over several generations. It is just a beautiful place to enjoy . With great  food and now a renovated hotel to enjoy your time a little longer. Guests spilling over from the Theatre enjoy the small town local flavor at the Washington House.

Moving back over to the theatre, a packed house once again for opening act VINTAGE DRIVE  and Headlining Act THE GIBSON BROTHERS... 
A break at the bar was welcomed during intermission !

According to House Manager , Kelly Maciegczyk, ( yes, I asked her how to pronounce it !) the theatre does 5-7 shows a week all year long. It is very community based and brings in a nice hometown crowd.  At some point, going back in time, the Theater was an old movie house and still has the hole in the "light/camera" room where the old projector used to be.

They also run an event called the VIEW AND BREW where you can come out , see a movie and purchase beer and wine.  

If you have the time, take a trip out to the Sellervielle Theater and the Washington House at 135 N. Main St. Sellersville, PA and check it out. Tell them Ava sent you and pick yourself up a mug or a T-shirt while relaxing at the theatre and enjoying some great food at the Washington House !

Thank you , Bekah, for all your help !  YOU ALL ROCK !

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Enjoy !