Saturday, October 14, 2017

Do you think about your 3 ???

Wow.... I was amazed as I was digging up things on this topic...wanting to lead it into the 3 new boys in my life...yes, you heard it right.... let's go back and explain.... see where YOUR 3 fits into .....YOU

I find it amazing to see the power and the magic of  3..... How we use it everyday, how we relate and react to 3. Many cultures view 3 as a source of Power... In China, 3 sounds like the word that means life it is viewed a lucky....  No matter what you believe, you can't deny the power and the magic of 3. I believe I did a blog on that alone awhile back... let's just take a looks at few things...first, in doing some research, I found that the brain recognizes and remembers things in 3's, Speeches are set to have 3 easy parts.... Now we can say and do and research facts, figures and mysteries about many numbers and how the make us think etc... yet there is just something magical about the number 3.... let's take a look.....

That is from Schoolhouse Rock....

let's look at some other mysteries, slogans, sayings and then tie this together.....



AND it goes on and on and on.... now we don't want to do just " THIS THAT AND THE OTHER"... like any old "TOM , DICK AND HARRY"...  We can always put "3 COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN" and wish... We can talk like the  the King in the "KING and I" and end with ....

"Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera"....

...we can even  "STOP , LOOK, AND LISTEN".... to the signs....OR we can put ourselves in the best place like a real estate agent and brag about ....
"LOCATION , LOCATION, LOCATION".... any way you slice it, the power and the magic of 3 is all around us....

A couple of my favorite sayings are :  "Good Better Best"....Never let it rest 'til your Good is Better and your Better is Best !  I also like,
 " There are 3 kind of people in the World... those that MAKE things happen, those that WATCH things happen and those that WONDER WHAT'S HAPPENING !!!  "LOL

If you catch a leprechaun, folklore has it that you will have 3 wishes granted !
And of course  THE THIRD TIME IS A CHARM....

Let me take a quick look around my life with you. I was married 3 times... this third time, I found the Love of my life.... on the internet no less.... Our whole wedding was  RED/WHITE/ and BLUE
We had 3 Bridesmaids and 3 Groomsmen . Our Wedding bands are also filled with RED/ WHITE/ and BLUE and MY bands are 3 separate bands... crazy, right?  I have 3 silver bracelets I wear daily on my left wrist and I usually have 3 fingers adorned with rings on a daily basis.... I was 33  when I had my Daughter....and that Love of my life?.... we met in 2001.... add those numbers together for a total of 3.

If you are familiar with the Borromean Rings, they are interlocked.rings.. If any single ring is removed the 2 remaining rings fall apart...

The New York Times had an article out that mentioned this:

In English, thrice has a secondary meaning of “many times,” c. f., Tennyson’s “Thrice blest whose lives are faithful prayers,” or the untoppable grooviness of being “Three Times a Lady.”

In the Olympics, there are medals, Gold/ Silver/ Bronze  for the places 1, 2 and 3.....there are no medals for 4th place , 5th place etc.... only 3
Now let me bring this together with my reason for another post about the magic of 3's..... 
I am truly blessed to have 3 new boys in my life.... Not my children, not new babies ( OMG), yet professional boys... all 3 studying in the field that I love.... The Arts..... The are  Marco Panting ( The Mr.), 
Mijatovic Polanco ( Mike Swagg)... and ....
Terrence Kingg ( The King of Urban Design).  
Seen here at a fundraising event with favorite teacher "Karrie"

Let me not forget that these soon to be graduates are among the tops in their field of study.... they have each gained accolades , awards and recognition in what they do. They each take pride in Community Service, They each have the drive and desire to be successful in their fields and they each appreciate the power of the positive connection..... This is why I love them so much. We are building a much needed sense of loyalty and professionalism among us through the power of barter/ business/ and boundaries... ( Wow, 3 words I just threw together).... Is it always perfect.???... Of course not ! Is there always room for learning and growth.... EVERY DAY !  Yet THIS  is the kind of youth I want around me. This is the kind of World I want to see of  INclusivity, diversity and growth... and I am so lucky  to have it  these 3 boys !  I love you guys so much  and  now my readers, over 51,000 , will get to know you a little bit....I look forward to working with each of you as we grow together.... Watch out for these 3 as we rise.... When we learn to connect the dots.....we get a whole picture !  
Find them on Face Book and watch for more including the MAGIC of these 3 Young Men !
Marco Panting


Mijatovic Polanco

Terrence Kingg

Hand Painted and designed by Terrence Kingg (Below)

Enjoy !


Monday, October 9, 2017

When your fascination becomes FASCINATING !

WOW !  This story was so big for me that I couldn't get it all together until today. Funny, I thought the Graceland Story was going to take forever yet having the access to what I needed in that blog post was so amazing.... I was not able to get any of the interviews I wanted for this post so it's going up from totally my own perspective -- which is fine.... as they said in  the movie RATATOUILEE,
"Everything goes down better with a little Perspective"... LOLOL..... something along those here we go....

As a child, I was fascinated by Ventriloquism. I even dabbled in it a little bit and just fell in love. Maybe , that was my first encounter with the industry that I have come to love so much. Who knows... I just know that I loved it. I remember watching Paul Winchell on the TV with my Grandmother.... I was truly fascinated....

Paul Winchell and Knucklehead from 1956 (Above)

Posted in Jan of 2009 

Let's go back a little.... Here is some info I fund on Wikipedia about Ventriloquism in general....

Originally, ventriloquism was a religious practice.[1] The name comes from the Latin for to speak from the stomach, i.e. venter(belly) and loqui (speak).[2] The Greeks called this gastromancy (Greekεγγαστριμυθία). The noises produced by the stomach were thought to be the voices of the unliving, who took up residence in the stomach of the ventriloquist. The ventriloquist would then interpret the sounds, as they were thought to be able to speak to the dead, as well as foretell the future. One of the earliest recorded group of prophets to utilise this technique was the Pythia, the priestess at the temple of Apollo in Delphi, who acted as the conduit for the Delphic Oracle.

The shift from ventriloquism as manifestation of spiritual forces toward ventriloquism as entertainment happened in the eighteenth century at the travelling funfairs and market towns. The earliest example of a ventriloquist dates back to 1753 in England, where Sir John Parnell is depicted in an engraving of William Hogarth as speaking via his hand.[4] In 1757, the Austrian Baron de Mengen is known to have implemented a small doll into his performance.[5]
By the late 18th century, ventriloquist performances were an established form of entertainment in England, although most performers threw their voice to make it appear that it emanated from far away, rather than the modern method of using a puppet

Now let's get back to the fun stuff ! The actual Ventriloquism... One of my favorite performers, in the Ventriloquism arena,  is the very talented Jeff Dunham...who just had a Star placed on Hollywodd's Walk of fame . My husband and I had the opportunity to see Jeff in Las Vegas last year. He was taping for a new show and trying out some of his material on the audience. I will never forget when one of his famed "puppets", Peanut, fell off the stand.... There is Jeff staring down at the puppet...finally he quickly picks him up and gets him all ready again and Immediately Peanut looks up at Jeff and in that great voice says..... " What the heck was that???? "  Well, I believe heck wasn't the word he used, yet it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing..... Take a look at some cool picks of Jeff here.... I love the one with the glasses tilted as I love to take pics like that !!!! Woot Woot !

                                                         With Achmed......

                                       With Walter on the Hollywood walk of fame....

From Feb.2015... was watching this and Peanut even says the word FASCINATING !....
Just Fascinating ....... LOL

Next we move on to Season 2 of America's got talent. Who comes in and blows the doors off .....TERRY FATOR.... Who now has a long run on the Vegas Strip. I had the opportunity to see Terry just the other night here in Atlantic City, NJ.... hew was AWESOME !
I loved how he re-counted the whole America's Got talent experience and took us on the journey with him !
From a special guest appearance on America's Got talent 2016.... 2 of my FAV's Terry Fator and Maynard as Elvis .....
So back in Sept. I was invited to the Preliminaries of the Miss America Pageant here in Atlantic City....back home where it belongs..... and to my surprise and delight I got to see the beautiful and talented Laryssa Bonacquisti perform.... Miss Louisiana !

                      From the Friday evening Prelims....Miss Louisiana Laryssa Bonacquisti

What a treat..... Now I get to see back on the America's got Talent stage.... 
12 year old Darci Lynne Farmer.....
 ( I then found out later that Laryssa and Darci shared some great experiences together !!! )  I fell in love with Darci from the moment she introduced us to Petunia. I loved all of her characters and was rooting for her to win America's Got Talent from that first audition..... well, first it was the Golden buzzer..... Then it was the big win and the Las Vegas Show !

Now let's see her in action.....with over 8 million is Darci and Oscar on the America's Got talent stage..... 

Wow... so my childhood fascination with Ventriloquism has me watching and loving this so much. I think Darci, as she so well said in the beginning, is taking this Art to a whole new generation . I feel she is so proficient at the young age of 12. I can't wait to see her performances a few years from now..... 

So this post takes us through time and through the fascinating World of Ventriloquism.... I hope you enjoy this topic and we'll catch you again next week.... 

From your Balcony Blogger.... Enjoy !

Monday, October 2, 2017

Coffee and Tighe anyone? Elvis spotlight #2

Hello all,

My 2 words for  October -  CRAZY SCHEDULES ! That said let's get Rockin' and Rollin' with our 2nd spotlight feature on ETA's ( Elvis Tribute Artists)

Before we do, I'd like to extend my thoughts and prayers out to all who live in the Las Vegas area. My heart goes out to you ! One of my favorite Cities, One of Elvis' favorite cities too. You are in my Thoughts and Prayers !

Let's now give a brief shout out to our very first ETA- Mr. Richie Santa.... Wow ! this is going to be such a fun journey as we have tribute artists lined up for this blog through the New Year ! I hope you will take the ride with us each month as we spotlight an ETA.... you can find Richie at  or  contact Kathy at 917 669 6729

So let's talk coffee and Tighe?  No, not Tea, you saw it right.... Tighe.... as in Jimmy Tighe !

                                                                      570 885 1091

I have been talking with Jimmy over the past few weeks via Face Book and I feel like I have known him my whole life. ( Funny, felt like that after I met Richie , Too). Must be the Elvis connection we all have.  I will be heading out to see Jimmy perform at the Avenue Diner in Wyoming , PA   on Oct. 18th.  Once a month, Jimmy performs there.

You can reserve a seat by contacting Paula:
570-430-9466 for reservations

and come enjoy the once a month events. My understanding is that he PACKS  the place just about each and every month.  ( So getting a reservation early is best. You can find Jimmy on Face Book under JIMMY ELVIS)  Reach out to him and tell him Ava sent you. The rest will fall into place.... 
More contact for Jimmy below.

                                      Avenue Diner 22 Wyoming Ave. Wyoming , PA. 18644                                                                                                                

Let's go back to the beginning now and take a look at the humble start of Jimmy's career.... lives in  Having some physical issues early in his life, Jimmy is thankful to have had them resolved and from an early age wanted to sing. His parents played all types of Rock and Roll around the house, including that of Elvis.  In 1998, Jimmy's parents took him to see and ETA. From that point on Jimmy knew he wanted not only to sing, but to try to represent Elvis on stage in a respectful way. He wanted to keep his memory alive.  

Over the years, he's attended several Elvis weeks in Memphis, sang at Graceland Crossings and competed in the 2003 IMAGES OF THE KING Contest.  It was important to Jimmy to experience the environment and Southern Culture that Elvis came from if he were going to perform as an ETA. 

Jimmy has an associates degree in Broadcasting and Communications and performs on a regular basis at many local facilities.  Along the way, he met many personal  friends of Elvis such as Joe Esposito, DJ Fontana and Ray Walker. He even had the Sweet Inspirations sing back up for him in the audience at a local hotel. Many of you know that the Sweet Inspirations also sang back up for Elvis from 1969-1977. The group was founded in part by 'Cissy' Houston, Whitney Houston's Mother.  (Center Right of photo)

In the last handful of years, Jimmy has competed in the Pocono Elvis Festival and the Lake George Elvis Festival. In 2015 Jimmy snagged 5th place at the Lake George Festival in the Non-Pro 70's division. Most recently, Jimmy took a ride to the Dewey Beach Elvis Fest and I can't wait to talk to him about that one as the photos were really cool. ( Including a very young ETA that we will have a talk about).  

You can contact Jimmy several ways:  

On the web at 

OR you can always reach out to me at for any information on our blog post content. 

Better yet, if you are in the Pennsylvania area and can get out to the  Exeter/Wyoming Pa. area, come see Jimmy in person at the Avenue Diner. He announces his show dates on line after each performance ( of the next upcoming show).  AND THE SEATS FILL UP FAST !

The only cost to the Diner show is to buy your meal.... so come out and enjoy some coffee and Tighe!

......and don't forget to tell them Ava sent you !...... 


Enjoy !

Monday, September 25, 2017

How are you tripping, eh?

Hello and Good morning to you all....

Got in late last night from our 2nd time into Niagara Falls so here we go with this week's blog post from you balcony blogger ! 

.....and the Balcony sure looks good with THIS view from the Anchor Motel ....

Wow ! Watching that sunset was truly amazing !

Niagara Falls and the surrounding area was , once again, a great experience. We dined at ELEMENTS which overlooks the falls and again I got some great shots from INSIDE the restaurant. This time around, there was a heat warning throughout the area. Temperatures were up above the 90 degree mark ! We parked near Clifton Hill and walked down the hill.... crazy steep.... and someone told us that the Falls were walking we walked..... and walked....and walked..... got to see some zip-liners...that was crazy !  Racked in over 11,000  steps EACH to add to the dance a thon goal.... yet that was quite a long walk in the heat.....

Zip Line

 Coming down Clifton Hill was fun.... one of my favorite shots is of Marcia holding up the upside down house !!!!

And who remembers these???? Well this one below has some LED "stuff" on it --still thought it was funny !

On the last day ( Sunday, yesterday) we went to the Lewiston Fair.... I so enjoyed that. Picked up a few cool gifts and found some great connections at the fair including Carly's Club where Kisd Create hope for Cancer.....and Creative Copper Wire ( below)   It was still really hot yet the delicious Fresh squeezed Lemonade and the freshly made Kettle Corn made us very happy !

Creative Copper Wire ( link above) was one of the vendors I came across. He made these wire hanging light catchers... I like that he was making them right in front of us and they were gorgeous....  Here is just one example.... ( cute advertising, too and even gave me back one of the marbles I lost.... LOL)

Yet I have to say that among the highlights of our trip was WHERE  we tripped !  Ha Ha.... Where we stayed.... and that was the likes of the ANCHOR MOTEL  on the US side in New York. This quaint place is only about 6 miles from the Falls and if you want to just be relaxed on your visit, The Anchor Motel is a must.... They are open from roughly the  1st week in May to roughly the last week in September and the handful of rooms there on the strip of land sells out FAST

The view from the dock is probably one the feature selling points, although I found the quaint rooms to be clean and comfortable too.  Only exceeding all of that, was the Lovely couple that own the Motel, Kathy is so friendly and willing to answer your questions to make your visit to the area complete. She keeps at hand a tear-off pad of a huge map right at the front counter so she can circle and pinpoint anyplace around you would like to visit !  Of course, the closest is the Dock where you can watch the beautiful sunrise and/or Sunset ....and the coffee is always on in the office !

My suggestion is to reach The Anchor Motel early for your reservations at:


We're certainly not tripping into the FALLS yet tripping at the Falls at the Anchor Motel !

Enjoy !