Monday, March 19, 2018

Are we just lost in translation???

Hello all,

Well, it's another good morning yet this time it's still dark out ! Whew !  Talk about crazy....

If you remember from the last post as we spoke about things that inspire and the K.Y. W.  (Know Your Worth) . I'm going to expand that slightly and change just one letter and one word.... Know Your WORDS.... for this particular purpose only !

With language barriers, poor road signage, text slang, school slang, street slang , work slang... and on and on and on.... Do we all just get lost in translation anymore??????

You know that I don't like to touch on the negative things we have to deal with on a daily basis yet I've got to blog about this for it inspires me to do better....

We have come to a place where visual understanding is the best way we see things and even THAT is limited to a curve of about a minute before we lose our audience....


I think, yes I actually do that sometimes, I think..... we should continue to maintain a level of common ground combining old and new styles ( not only in fashion yet in many communication) and not give in to a World that would like to limit the time we do something, learn something or understand something.... It's true, we have to taper things to keep our audiences engaged today.... yet is it true?  If you write something too long, is anyone reading it? If you talk to long, sing too long or dance to anyone noticing? Is anyone listening?

We can only hope that if we stay true to ourselves and do what we feel in our hearts, that the people that need to see, hear, or do.... will do just that.  I urge you to take the time to read, listen, sing, dance, act, swim, walk, ride, play.... no matter how long it takes.  Don't shorten your strengths to condone mediocrity.... that is not our life purpose !  Don't get "Lost in the translation"....make an effort to understand each other and rise to any occasion....

This full clip is 8 minutes long.... see if you find it as funny as it was when it first came out.... then take a look at another shorter clip that fits the bill !  Stay true to matter what !


Bill Murray Lost in Translation from You Tube

Enjoy !

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

How do you K.Y.W.???

Good morning...

I hope everyone remembered to put their clocks ahead one hour in the U.S. for Daylight Savings Time.... Well here, it's 1:44 AM so we don't push them ahead for another 15 minutes and yes I'm up talking to you !

So in case you wonder why some posts go up on Friday, some on Sat. and some on Sunday....
In case you wonder why some are in the morning or evening,  why some are in the wee morning or evening and some are somewhere in between that....
I say this - I need to be inspired.... Even after the interview. No matter what is going on OUTSIDE of the blog post, my interview has to attach itself to something that inspires me...and in turn I hope inspires you....

No inspiration could come greater to me than thinking of my newest friend and business associate,                                                                           GERI PETITO.  

Left Geri Petito/ Right Ava Holly ( The Balcony Blogger)

It's funny how Geri and I met. Giving you the cliff notes version.... we were at a show for an ETA

 ( are you tracking with me?  If you read my posts you should know that ETA stands for 
Elvis Tribute Artist.... )
Well Geri was at this show and I was at this show yet we didn't meet then..... 
When we finally DID meet, it was a bit of an awakening when we realized that we saw each other at the ETA show yet weren't destined to meet then..... funny.... met that very same ETA in the same manner.....

Moving forward, we will connect all of this eerie stuff at the end.... for now, let's move to the interview.... one of the first things that came out of Geri's mouth when I was speaking with her was the K.Y. W.....

So what is the K.Y. W. and how does it all connect.....??? 

Let's get back to the interview....

I have to share that this particular interview was done LIVE on Geri's Radio show , which is also live-streamed on Face Book.... Geri made ME the host and she was my guest ! How fun. Being in radio for many years, I felt right at home...yet i was still interviewing the Queen of Hamilton Radio, Geri Petito....

I found out that Geri studied to become a Vegan Chef
When Geri was diagnosed with Cancer, she decided to take charge and found ways to heal herself through eating differently, making changes in her lifestyle and holding fast to her non-wavering faith. 
Geri considers herself a Nutritional Health /Life coach where she helps others get through addiction and disease through her knowledge and experiences. She has even authored a book to reflect her situations and circumstances... a great read .

One of the things Geri said to me is that she should have done this radio "gig" a long time ago.... I stick to the.... everything happens for a reason philosophy.... LOL....hence my eerie meetings with both Geri and Richie.... ( Richie Santa ETA)
Geri touches on some heavy topics yet tries to keep her show filled with fun/humor and humility....well most of the time.... LOL 
Sometimes the guests are just out of control !!! "Cut their Mic's Geno"

Geri has her radio show on Tues. and Thurs. eve's beginning at 5PM... the show is also live streamed on Face Book so you can catch it.... or catch it later there.... 
One of the things I love about Geri is her giving heart. She is an Elvis lover like I am and I guess we are attracted to those who feel the same way we do.... Like minds 
and all that !
So let me speak on that giving heart.... Just as an example....Geri has given 3 of her Thurs. shows out to some very cool people. So she will run her Thurs. show once a month and on the other 3 months, these are the shows you can check out.... On the first Thurs. it's the Mr., Mr. Panting of Mr. Panting Productions  on "Teens With Dreams"  A show focusing on the positive goals and dreams for Teens and what some of our amazing Teen-agers are doing...or going to be doing....

The last Thurs. of the month will feature Sal Angioletti with "Taker 2 takes over NJ" A show inside the wrestling World.

Geri will have a show on Thurs. and the other Thurs. will be hosted by Megan Malfi of Top Cat Productions

 I'm not sure what Megan's show will entail ...yet I can tell you that her work with Top Cat productions helps Teens/ Young Adults with opportunities in Music and Theatre ( oooohhhh right up my alley) Megan also has a Face Book page called My Bi-Polar Rules so check out Megan there as well.

Of course, you can find out info on any of my blogs by reaching out to me on Face Book ( Ava Holly Public Figure) -- or at my website

Now back to Geri and the K.Y. W.... 

Let's link it all up now.... I see Doug Church at an ETA event--never met him. Go to Graceland and add my monthly ETA segment here... I meet Richie Santa at some event someplace and never really met him.... Found out I was friends with Richie at Face Book for quite some time.... go to his show to do the very first ETA interview for my blog segment.... see Geri there yet never met her..... Get some names from Richie for my blog....Jimmy Elvis ( Jimmy T. as Elvis), Walt Sanders, Peter Alden to name a few .... ( Find them all at Face Book)  I speak with Doug Church on the phone for the 2nd Interview, I meet Jimmy Elvis for the 3rd Iterview and speak with Peter Alden and Walt Sanders by Face Book and telephone.... From there, I connect with other ETA's etc.... I meet Dave Weiskopf through Geri, along with  DJ Dani, Gene Pierro, Jesus Santiago and Michele Marzano to name a few....Michele also knows another  Tribute artist that  I know in HER field.... Geri meets Marco Panting at one of our meetings. I then introduce her to Felicia Reed of Females without Fear.....

Find Felicia on Face Biook - Felicia L. Reed
Put it in Perspective and Females without Fear

I met Felicia through our Women on TV network and now have introduced Geri to that platform
Geri has also been a guest on MY show Ava's Casual Chat which is coming up this 4th Thurs. at 2:00 EST

I then tell her about David Silverman, local Chef who will be a guest on Geri's show soon....
 Between Geri and Richie I meet Sal Angioletti, Frankie "Sweets", Gene, Dave, Michele, Megan,etc...and I can't forget Krista Joy, Sandy Delvillar, and Kathy Cossu...... whew can I get through it all???

Now    let's   get    to   the     K.Y. W.,  as Geri so well put it,  


Remember that people come into your life for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime....people do business with people they know like and trust...
MY worth is in  the people I choose to surround myself with .....building relationships with my connections.... this is so true when it comes to Geri Petito....  
So there's 6 degrees of separation ( or of Kevin Bacon if you know how to play that one) and then there is 


I say this because we have taken these particular relationships to , not only business contacts and connections, yet to friendships that are worth GOLD
By the way, last week, Geri had her Birthdy Bash on the radio and invited me.... Richie Santa was there performing along with Jesus Santiago, Michele Marzano as "Marilyn" and Frankie Sweets on keyboards...Call ins were............ Jimmy Elvis, Peter Alden, Walt Sanders to name a few.....
 ETA's I have already done blog posts on..... 

Catch us on Hamilton Radio on March 20th promoting the new Thursday shows with special guest.... ME.... and special host pre-viewing for HIS show....Marco Panting..... 

Know Your Worth ....what gives it Value to enrich your life and the lives of others?.... I can tell you what gives mine that value and enrichment................


Order her book, find her on Face Book, catch her show and be amazed.....






Enjoy !

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Friday, March 2, 2018

Welcome to our very first FANTASTIC FLIP !

Helloooooo all and welcome to our very first FANTASTIC FLIP... So once a year, around March, when we are through the Holidays of the previous year, through the New Year Celebrations and through most of the bad weather... ( although you wouldn't know that by today's weather... LOL)  we will entertain the blog post of another hand selected blogger that I have built a business relationship with..... Today is our very first one so I hope you enjoy the writing of  Krystle J. Bailey.... You will find MY blog post at her site....( see below) Welcome, Krystle, to Ava's Allocations as our very first FANTASTIC FLIP !

Krystle J Bailey is an author, poet, and lifestyle motivator. She is a mom of two and happily married newlywed. Krystle is passionate about encouraging women to live their best lives from the inside out - free from competition and full of self-worth. She uses the power of story and vulnerability to connect with women across the world in a positive and encouraging way. Nourish: A Journey to Loving and Embracing the Woman Within can be found at  


Show up for life with a smile. Life is full of twists and turns, beginnings and ends, ebbs and flows, hills and valleys. In our relationships, careers, health, and life is ever flowing and ever evolving. Change is inevitable and the one thing that we can surely count on. In the most recent changes of my personal life, I have been left with uncertainty. Uncertainty can be terrifying but it can also be magical. Some of the most beautiful chapters of our lives won't be given a title until much later but begin in seasons of unknown.

A few weeks back, I found myself waking up each day lacking purpose or direction. I was beginning to feel frustrated by this burden of not knowing where I was going. Every day, I was sending my children off to school only to feel aimless once I was empty handed. One morning, I woke up feeling refreshed in my spirit. I had a sense of security even in the unknown. 

A simple thought came out of my mouth that began to shift things for me. It said, "Just keep showing up. Keep showing up with a smile. Be a yes to life. And let the rest of the pieces fall where they may." 

That began to open up worlds of conversation that inspired my life. So much so that I began blogging about my experiences! On the first day, I met a 92-year-old man and his wife who felt it in her spirit that she needed to tell me to "not obsess over life" and that "everything will be okay." Hello?! If that's not a beautiful sign to keep showing up, I don't know what is. The same day, I met new entrepreneurial friends who I stay in touch with and expand off of, enhancing each other's lives. On another encounter, I had an awakening yoga experience followed by the pastor at church seemingly speaking directly to my heart. So many beautiful encounters, experiences, and moments of awareness are happening by just showing up with a smile. 

I still don't know exactly where I am headed but things are falling into place. 

Seasons change, we learn to adapt. I'll leave you with a lesson that I learned in yoga practice. 

On the mat and in life, we have three options at any given moment (or pose):

Option 1: Run. Flee. Escape. 

but you're already here... so...

Option 2: Stay but be frustrated, annoyed, telling yourself all the reasons that where you are isn't where you should be. 

Then there is Option 3: Stay and embrace. Stay and welcome whatever the pose or the moment has in store for you, right here, right now. 

It's up to you to choose. Most of life is a dance between those three. Dance like nobody's watching. 

With light and love, 


Krystle J Bailey
Author, Poet, Speaker, Mentor

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Loving the Elvis Tribute Spotlights ...Meet Joseph Ramsey !

Hellllllloooooooo Monday !

Well, being sick last week has taken its toll.... I fell asleep over the lap top last night after a long day. If you are under the weather, ease back in slowly.... whatever is going around, it wiping us out !  Now this is your Balcony Blogger telling you, yes I said Telling You, to put good liquids in your body and take it easy....... Now onto our Elvis Tribute monthly Spotlight with the amazing Joseph Ramsey !

I just love doing these ETA Spotlights and I love the story behind Joseph Ramsey..... everyone has a story right? I love how things evolve.... especially here.... It's not a long story, just cool how it came together....

So here is Joseph with this amazing voice and resemblance to Elvis.... OK, let's go back a bit and  give credit where credit is due yes?  Angela Ramsey, Joseph's Wife, got him started at a Karaoke Bar.... singing Country Music. He enjoyed that....people kept telling him he sounded like Elvis...and with the resemblance he decided to give Elvis a try.... He entered the Lake George  ETA competition and came in 2nd place.... He was on his way to doing what he loved with style and grace....

He visited Graceland and told me that it was really cool to be inside Elvis' home and all. I know many of us that go there feel the "Elvis" Aura, if you may, upon visiting Graceland. Highly recommended. 

Joseph has made a career out of being an ETA. For those of you just joining us, that stands for Elvis Tribute Artist. I asked Joseph, as I ask all of the ETA's I speak with, what is something that fills you with joy in doing this?  His response, as many of the others said, is the smiles on people's faces when he is doing his tribute to the KING.  That time in Lake George was Joe's first time competing EVER.... Here is a sneak peek from a Lake George Competition in 2007.....

And we've come a long way baby !

You can catch Joe at the Lake George Festival Competition in NY May 31st - June 4th
This is the festival where Joseph Ramsey got his start..... 

I always find it interesting to hear the love of Elvis from every ETA I've met and spoken with. It's obvious that the ones I am meeting are celebrating the famed career of Elvis with dignity and grace. These are the stories I want to bring you. I think , personally, that many people didn't understand Elvis and that is what made for controversy. People don't normally like to accept "change" easily and at the time, Elvis and his music, were definitely a change of pace.... People like Joseph keep that legacy alive and doing it WELL, is the best tribute anyone can get. 

Joseph is also doing a special show on March 24th in Glen's Falls.... this one is taking place at the VFW on Luzerne Rd., Queensbury , NY
5.00 from each ticket sold is going to our TROOPS in the form of care packages sent out !
If you are in the area, come out and support this great event. 

You can find info and more about Joseph at his Face Book page JOSEPH RAMSEY

 I love the fact that his biggest supporters are his wife Angela and his daughter Sierra....

Joseph also asked me to thank all the people that have loved and supported what he brings to the stage over the years..... 
Way to go Joseph, we love you !

Enjoy !

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Next week we add our annual new feature...the FANTASTIC FLIP.... join us right here with your Balcony Blogger, Ava Holly . Have a great week !


Monday, February 19, 2018

Take your networking opportunities from everywhere !

Hello Monday and Happy President's Day....

I'm home in bed sick and I got a chance to see the amazing MACY on the Ellen Show for the 2nd time. She is an 8 year old Presidential Expert !  On that note, I had the opportunity to network with another expert this weekend at Atlantic City Fashion Week.

Meet Taneice Chavers, author of "PRAY FOR RAIN ....A guide to building your business with little to no money..."

I found Taneice to be a beautiful soul.... I had to the opportunity to interview Taneice and this is her story....

Taneice owns and operates Shear Bliss, a hair lounge and spa catering to Women with hair loss.
It took 8 years for this dream to come to reality. Taneice didn't have enough resources to get the business going. 8 years took her on a journey that she now realizes is important to share....

Over these years, she learned and researched ideas, strategies, and principles to continue the journey. She found many ways to keep afloat with little or no money. These tips are revealied in her book.  I asked Taneice what the one thing that stands out for her was... her reply was, "How important the wait time is..."  Taneice went on to say that things happen in their right time, things happen to allow other things to happen and we have to trust in that process. Those of you that know me best, know that is exactly what I believe as well.

She added special motivational mugs to her book table. I also asked her about that. Taneice told me that we don't always wake up in the positive. In fact, it's hard to find that some days.... the positive quoted mugs add to the whole experience of keeping your faith in your dream.

The response has been amazing , Taneiece explains.  Her Salon is open 3 years now .  About a year ago, she realized that she needed to be sharing this message to help others.

Many entrepreneurs give up on their dreams for it is not an easy road to ride. Timing is everything and you have to keep going if you want to see your dream become reality.

       Shear Bliss  Hair Lounge  is located at 457 Pleasant Valley Way  West Orange, NJ 07052

Taneice specializes in clients with Cancer, Lupus and Alopecia. Even if you are not in the area, Taneice is there to help.

If you are starting a business or in a business already and need a little help with resources, pick up a copy of PRAY FOR RAIN and get some great tips. I am so excited to start reading my copy !

Enjoy !

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Do you measure and "O" factor?

Good Tuesday morning.... Wow ! Amazing time at New York Fashion week and even saw our bags on the runway !  More to come on that next week..... Fell asleep over the computer both Sunday eve. and Monday eve..... guess I'm getting old.....or maybe I was just tired ! LOL

Let's talk this week about the "O" factor.... I don't mean Oprah , although that "O" is amazing too !

I'm talking OLYMPICS... Whether you are an avid fan, a sometimes fan or not a fan at all, you can't escape that feeling of pride when you watch the medals given out, when you watch the end of a performance and the athletes are just beaming with pride, or when you hear about the amazing stories of how these fine young people got to the Olympics.....

I had to watch the opening ceremonies later as I had recorded them because I was in N.Y. at NY Fashion Week. I was happy that I could watch it later at my convenience. One of the things I thought was amazing was the imagery made to look like stars in the sky..... yet they were not stars , they were DRONES...making snowboarder shapes and more.....

Olympic Rings made by drones

For me, the opening ceremonies did NOT disappoint. Many historical moments as the various Countries walked in too !!!

I am a huge Olympic fan. I have been all my life. I love watching mostly all of the events. With technology today, I can see many more events later on etc... Of course, my ears perked up when Ice skating brought in "Elvis" music....yet that is not a first time occurrence for this particular skater who took his routine to a Silver Medal.... Congratulations Mikhail Kolyada of Russia....

One of the events I got to enjoy last night was the Women's Half pipe.... It was amazing to see Chloe Kim skate to Gold for the US.... her parents are from Korea. How cool is That ! Go Chloe....

I sometimes get a little emotional when I see the feelings of the athletes at the end of their know how much they have worked to get to this point.....

Mirai Nagasu

Adam Rippon

Both of these athletes  (above) did not make the selection for the last Olympic games....seeing them here winning medals is so cool !

Patrick Chan

So what is the "O" factor ?... it may be different for everyone.... yet if you are an Olympic fan, that is a boost of energy, confidence or whatever you want to call it. The Olympics bring together the feeling of hope. If we all set an example, this is how we can survive in a World that is brimming with hate and violence. If we take one moment away from these games and make a better place to live for ourselves and others, we collect the pieces of hope and confidence to push through whatever is bad.... not only in the World yet in our own lives.... We get a boost of confidence, a boost of "Follow your dreams" and a boost of Pride. 

I have seen events in part that I have never seen before ! I am looking forward to watching some curling events and the Women's Jamaican Bob Sled Team, first time ever !!!

Whether a fan or not, I know there is something that the Olympics bring that is like nothing else.... Maybe you want to find a sport to watch and become a fan if you are not already !  Let's all go for the Gold in our own lives and bring out the "O" factor !!!

Enjoy !

Monday, February 5, 2018

Fire or Ice??? How about both !

Well it's late Monday evening and after a huge win the for the Eagles yesterday in the Super Bowl, we traveled and didn't get home until after 1 here we are late on Monday. I'm pinching the Balcony Blogger to make sure I'm still functioning... LOL

Let's take a trip back in time a bit....oh about 25 years ago when one Audrey Winzinger was looking to do something to bring people to her town at the end of January. It's a good time, too. I mean, after the holidays and sometime into January when we all come back to life, we are looking for something to do. Weather doesn't always cooperate yet we still want to get out and do something in January.....

Audrey and Ava 

So in comes the ice festival.... ice carvers would compete and it was a great event yet when carvers had to compete in bigger events around the Globe, it became harder and harder to get carvers to com out.... Also, it was difficult for carvers to chat with the visitors as they were timed on their sculptures.... eventually, the powers that be put their heads together and something great came out of it.

Together with partner Rocky D'entremont the ice festival changed to more of an ice demonstration. This gave the carvers a chance to chat with visitors, relax and spend time with the creations under no time constraint...AND it took out the realm of "competition" in an effort to bring the carvers out to a fun event as well.

Rocky D'entremont is a chef and ice carver at a local establishment and together with Audrey they created this event. Now in it's 25th year, it has gotten bigger and better every year.
So at first, there was also a separate cook off event.... putting heads together again, these 2 events were combined  about 15 years ago to create "FIRE AND ICE"

The Fire part is the Chili cook off that you can apply for IF you are professional chef or in the culinary field. Visitors get to taste chili for as little as a one dollar donation and vote on their favorite.  There is also a professional judging too !  So much fun....the line stretched around the block to taste chili and directly from Audrey, "once it's gone , it's gone".... so getting in that line early is important if you want to be in the tasting.

The Ice part is now a demonstration of 10 carvers chosen from those that apply for the event.

Along with that, there are fire engine rides,and animals from the Cedar run Wildlife shows . Sled Dogs, Curling demonstration, petting area, Vendors, food, quaint shops and more are along the streets where thousands were walking around this year. So much fun.  Also this year, the event was on my birthday so I had a huge group celebrating with me ! Hahahahaha.... actually, we did go up with 2 car loads of people.

So if you are in the area and are looking for something to do at the end of January. Mount Holly N.J. is waiting for you with warm chili and cold ice sculptures as part of he Fire and Ice festival. Look for me there again next year !  This event runs rain, snow or shine !


Above Courtesy of Rebel Reyes Photography

Above Courtesy of Marcia Moser

Above Courtesy of Jen Munko

Contact Audrey directly at 609 937 5700....and tell her Ava sent you !

Enjoy !