Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Day 29 Trick? or Treat? LOL

We are getting close to Halloween and the end of the October Great Debates.... still a few days left and today we discuss  TRICK  OR  TREAT  ?

I'm pretty sure I know where the scale will fall on this one ... I bet some of you like both Tricks AND Treats... haha

I remember loving going out 'Trick or Treating" as a kid and also enjoying taking my daughter out when she was little. We would have a blast together..... I know she also liked to hand out candy at the house for a bit before going out.... ( sometimes).... I've been handing out candy at friends' homes for several years as I live up in a cloud and no one comes up here.... I enjoy handing out candy too.

This year, since none of my friends that usually hand out candy will be home, we are opting for a Movie on Halloween....

So anyone for tricks????   I prefer treats !!!

Enjoy !
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