Saturday, October 26, 2019

Day 26 To "George" or Not to "George".... Hmmmm

Hey all, First like to Birthday shout out to my good friends Evelyn Licona and Diane Metivier.... Love you guys !

Day 26 brings us to a topic that is not necessarily a debate yet possibly an introduction.... makes for great conversation and great fun if you like this kind of stuff....

So I've been a "Georger" for 16, can't believe it myself.... I'm not that active right now yet the beauty is going in whenever you can. You can set up a free site or upgrade to be a "Friend of George".... it's a clean, fun site and a great way to have fun with your family or on your own. I've had bill "hits" from as far as India, Armed Forces, and  United name a few.... there's things you can do like 50 STATES BINGO and facts you can learn about money.... Check it out...

This is a site where you can track your dollar bills ! You can track other denominations as well, yet mostly dollar bills or "Georges" are what you see.....   Have fun ! All you have to do is sign up with an email and enter the serial # on your bill.... then SPEND IT ! LOL
Once someone else enters the serial number, you will get an email about your bill and you can see where it was entered again.... You should mark you bill with the web site ( above). You can even get an inexpensive stamp to do that !   Mine says, track Ava's Bill at

So..... George or don't George?   Just a fun way to navigate money....

Enjoy !
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