Monday, October 14, 2019

Day 13 Turtleneck or no?

Hello Day 13....

Love the 13.... so much in the lucky 13.... anyway back to our Great October Debates....

As we move closer to Halloween and into the colder months ahead , let's talk warm clothing....

Do you turtleneck or not? 

Wow ! So many sweaters , so little time... LOL

Images from Getty images and Unsplash at google .

Just love all the images I found.... Just liking this you wear turtlenecks?

I loved them more when I was younger I think. I still like to wear them occasionally . For me, it's a matter of fashion combined with comfort. I think if you can't be comfortable in something and you have to stay in it all day, then it's not the right garment.  I still love sweaters though ! As long as I'm comfortable , I'll take it all ! LOL

Enjoy !
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