Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Day 9 Right or Left?

Well not sure if I missed a day..... I think the Yom Kippur Holiday through me off some.... either way it's Day 9 and we move forward... LOL

So this one is interesting for how do we  see the people that write with a different hand than we do. I remember my niece picking up a pencil with her left hand when she was little and my Grandmother, rest her soul, was making us move it to the other hand....

I think today it's easier to find things for left handed people yet years ago it was not that way. Maybe you are left handed and want to comment on this.... I know the majority of the World is right handed yet are we naturally drawn to pick up things left handed when we are little???  That would be a good study yet for this blog purpose ... right or left?

I even saw a question on line that asks if a left handed person has a higher IQ? Seriously????

Some people can write with both...AMBIDEXTROUS

I can do a little bit of things with left hand and I'm sure if I practiced I could do more. I'm basically right handed yet I like to explore things with my left hand too.

So.... are you left or right handed? 


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