Friday, October 18, 2019

Days 17 and 18...Sweets Anyone? Doughnuts or Candy?

Hello all,

So today we are combining 17 and 18 and talking doughnuts and candy. Yes, once in awhile we have to combine the days.... Schedule just crazy especially with the new shared office space.... Hard to believe I did this everyday blog thing for a whole year a few years back.... it's an awesome experience. Once in awhile, we have to combine the days... works out good today as we can do both doughnuts AND candy. LOL...don't worry, we will still have one of my favorite candy debates on Halloween 10/31 !

So this is short AND SWEET ...  Hahahahaha  I know there are some out there that don't eat sweets for various reasons, doughnuts, candy or anything like that.... for those that do, let's have some fun...

According to google....the Hershey bar is one of the most influential candy bars of all time !

1st: Do you prefer a doughnut or a pc. of candy?
2nd:  What is your favorite doughnut?  ( Mine is Boston Cream)
3rd:  What is your favorite Candy? ( I'm not sure I have one... I love coconut mounds bars from time to time, love M&M peanuts, love chocolate and caramel, love a chocolate bar with almonds)  I also like candies like tic tacs ( if you consider that candy) and good and plenty from time to time. If I had to pick, it would definitely be chocolate....

So my Mother in law and my husband both have shirts that say, " Give me chocolate and no one gets hurt ! "   LOL

Shoot, now I want a pc. of chocolate.... I think I would prefer some chocolate over a doughnut yet an occasional doughnut is ok for me too.... everything in moderation !

So at our eWomen Network conference this year we had a huge Doughnut wall display when you entered the hallway... it was crazy !  Looks something like this......

Do these images make you hungry???  LOL   That's not one of the debate questions !

ok... see you tomorrow with our next Great Debate !

Enjoy !
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