Thursday, October 10, 2019

The long and the short of it?? Twice !

Well, let's first say that I'm not sure where Day 8 went  so we are doing Day 8 and 10 today so I'm not missing a day ! LOLOL

And what better way to do it than doing this segment twice... once for men and once for women !

And, oh, this first image is not the "thong" we are discussing in "brief" today, yet I thought it was better than any of the others to show first !!!

Thank you Shutterstock for this image !

So let's start with the Men- Day 8-..... Tightie Whities or Boxers???

I can't speak well on this side of things. I have seen men in both and I'm not sure how they choose. Does it matter to you if they are in briefs or boxers?  What is the deciding factor? What underwear is more breathable.... ?

So Boxers or Briefs???
Next......................the ladies- Day 10-  and now you see why I chose the thongs you wear on your feet as our first image of the blog !

I just want to know..... HOW IS THIS COMFORTABLE?????  That part in the back goes where????? LOLOLOL
I know women who love their thongs yet ...... well, you can fill in the rest..... 

So  Thongs? or Briefs / Bikinis ???

 Well, keeping it "brief" again today in our October 


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