Friday, October 4, 2019

Day 4 Lights on or Lights off?

Well, as we push to day 4 of our October Great Debates...

 Let me just remind all of you that we are doing this in fun.... Also, many of the thoughts are just personal opinion or feeling yet I find it fascinating that there are some things that actually have a science behind it. Some things are healthier done one way as opposed to another, and some things are just plain silly ! LOL

So...that all said, sleeping with the lights on or the lights off.... maybe you need the lights to fall asleep and then you turn them off in a "wake up"....  maybe you have to sleep in the pitch black !

  For me, I can sleep either way yet if I have to travel or get up in the middle of the night and go someplace, then I have to leave the light on. For some reason, I get disoriented if I have to start my day in the middle of the night and I get up and it's dark.....  otherwise my preference is the Lights off. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation....
A key factor in regulating sleep and your biological clocks is exposure to light or to darkness so falling asleep with lights on may not be the best thing for a good night's sleep. ... Before bedtime, limit television viewing and computer use, especially in the bedroom, as they hinder quality sleep.

Well, just another sort out in the October Great Debates... 

So, Do you sleep with the lights on or the lights off?


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