Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Well, here we are at day 2 of our fun "great debate" challenges....

So we are not out of the bathroom yet and today's great debate probably has much more conversation around it than the toilet paper folds... LOL

According to this you tube video, from the significant man, there have been many arguments over this scenario, I mean heated arguments....hmmmmm…..

So does the toilet seat remain up  or  down?????
I always say that if God wanted them to stay up, he would have made them that way !!! LOLOLOL

What is your thought on this?  Take a look at the significant man video. It's actually true that it is healthier to put the entire seat and LID down.... check it out....

We got one of those cool lids that if you just start to put it down it goes the rest of the way by itself.... I love it so I am always putting that down... not to mention it keeps things from falling off the back wall into the toilet... haha

So.… Do you keep the toilet seat up or down?

Enjoy !

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