Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Day 23 Matte or Gloss?

Hey all,
Day 23 of our October Great Debates... so this one MAY be geared towards the business person yet the receiver may like one or the other as well.....

Just an observation....

How do you like your business cards?  Matte Finish or Gloss finish?

Here is what I've grown to like.... I love glossy things yet I have come to love the matte look, especially in business cards... the reason being, you can write on them !  Also, with the matte finish , a great image on that finish makes it pop... in a way that I don't think comes out with a glossy finish.

That all said, there are times I think the glossy works well.... yet for business cards- I prefer the matte finish....

So matte or gloss????

Enjoy !

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