Sunday, October 13, 2019

Day 12 Cream Cheese or Butter?

Well, getting this up early in AM as I fell asleep over it last night !  Day 11 brings us back to food and the wonderfully delicious bagel.... If you are following , you know we did a "Bagel Debate" some time ago on a different bagel topic ...which by the way is still a pet peeve of mine.... yet this time around- lets talk toppings....

So there ar emany things we all like to put on our bagels when the mood strikes us. I know I love me some apple butter, walnut cream cheese spread, butter, honey.... all sorts of things.

When we get down to the basics, which is it for you? Cream Cheese ????.......

.......or Butter????

I love them both. I can't even say which one I favor for I love bagels and I love them topped !

Now it's your turn..... 

Enjoy !

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