Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Day 15 Bottle? Tap? or Filter?

So let me preface today by saying that in today's climate, aside from my belief in "everything in moderation" -  I'm in favor of a little extra WATCHING , if you may.... our World is not what it used to be, our planet is in such need of help, our soil is definitely not what it used to be so all the good things we do need to count for something..... we need to focus on the good things we do !

That said, let's talk water.... and not the kind you swim in, even though I live near the shore... LOL

I'm talking the water we drink !!!


So many choices we have today. I'm not sure, yet I think there are few people left in the Country that are drinking tap water. I know there are many areas where the water from the tap is pretty good, yet I think a majority of the Country is drinking water from other sources. I don't even want to do any research for today's post as I know it will be depressing-- yet let's look at the positive side of things. Some Countries don't even have clean drinking water. I know there are several organizations that go to Countries to provide drinking water.  I also know that much of our water supply - no matter how we get it - is treated in some way. That said, our bodies need water and lots of it.

One of my favorite movie lines is from WE BOUGHT A ZOO.... great movie if you haven't seen it... so the new Zoo owner, Mr. Mee, is speaking with the inspector of the property and he offers him water.... and the inspector says, " NO, DO YOU KNOW WHAT'S IN WATER?" LOL

What I do know, is that alkaline water is best for our bodies. Companies like Kangen Water do a great job of explaining why and what we can do to make our water more alkaline. If you are drinking bottled water, the closest to alkaline is Fiji water...yet I love all those mountain spring waters, I love fiji the best.  I also love Kangen water and I've pretty much stopped drinking tap water.... once in a great while and depending where I am. I also know that Atlantic City NJ has some of the best water in the Country from the tap.  I also like using my britta water filter.... and of course, we can always boil water then cool it down too..... Any way to take it, just be a little more aware of the water you drink that our bodies need so much..... also, be aware of the plastic bottles you use. Make sure to recycle when you can and let's DRINK WATER !

Enjoy !!

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