Tuesday, October 22, 2019

sheet or no sheet ... LOL

I have to laugh at this when you say it , it's just so funny ! OK...maybe it's just me ! LOLOL

So , I'm not talking about NO sheet on the bed... I'm talking about that in between sheet, the one between the blanket and the bedsheet, the one they call the TOP sheet..... Do you love it? or do you just get tangled up in it, sweat too much in it etc...

I'm not saying our beds are like this one.... at least not all the time.... yet I'm sure we don't want it to look like this one.....
Do you think the "top sheet" has an bearing on the way we feel about our beds ?? LOL

I think I can take it or leave it. Once in awhile , Ill have a top sheet on my bed....

So sheet or no sheet???

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