Monday, October 7, 2019

Day 7 White, Wheat or Rye?

Well well well, Day 7.  Getting this one in just after mid night...woo hoo !

So day 7 is all about the bread !  Not the kind we can spend at the store.... the actual bread !

These days there are so many choices....Gluten Free, whole grain, dark bread, light bread, rye bread, white bread, pumpernickel, German bread, ciabatta bread, flat bread, whole grain bread, 7 grain bread, 12 grain bread, Italian bread, French Bread, and the list goes on and on. Some of these, on the list, you will recognize...others you won't. Or maybe you recognize them all....maybe you don't even eat bread !!! 

Either way we have choices. Here is what I found today....
According to Mens Journal  the top 5 breads are

1 .Ezekiel Bread
2. Flaxseed Bread
3. Rye Bread
4. Oat Bread
5. Whole Wheat Bread

Check out their article on breads and the benefits of these top breads....

Regardless of how your belief in bread, taste buds and the like, play into your everyday life....
It's almost always the case that when you walk into a "breakfast place" and order breakfast...
The server will ask you if you would like  WHITE, WHEAT, OR RYE   bread with your meal....

I love bread. I have been able to make choices in the way I eat bread these days yet I love it and I eat it when I want to eat it. I've been leaning toward Rye bread these days. I know it's one of the healthier breads to eat.

So...white , wheat , or rye???

Enjoy !

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