Saturday, October 19, 2019

Day 19 Ask or Don't Ask ?

Hello Day 19....
Before we get into Day 19 of our Great Debates...let me just remind you that we are doing a Candy debate on Halloween and then we move back to our weekly posts in Nov... Exciting stuff coming up as we talk about National Kindness Day and Dance for Kindness.... back to our ETA tributes kicking it off in November with "Diamond Reno"... local ETA  and of course, Ava's Eye Bagz updates and more on our new shared office space building.... so today let's get some direction !!!!

Is it really true that Men are less likely to ask for directions than Women?  I find that funny and I know when my husband doesn't want to ask for directions, I just laugh !

So do you stop the cop and ask for directions? Resort to your GPS? Refer to a map? Just ask GOOGLE ? or wing it...... ?????

I never mind asking anyone for directions. I love using my "On Star" and I use google maps too in my phone.  There's no way I can just wing it.... 
In any case, when everything else fails.... I just ask google !  
Much easier these days with all the Intel we have at our fingertips !

So...................ask for directions or not????

Enjoy !

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