Saturday, October 5, 2019

Day 5 Don't blink ... or do you?

Hello again as we hit day 5 of our October Great Debates !

So let's go to the open road.... Firs off, do you call it a "Directional" or a "Blinker"?  That's not even the real debate...the REAL debate is do you use them??? 

Oh yes, people also call them "turn signals".... me?,  I'm usually referring to them as directionals, yet I have been known to use all 3 terms.

I almost always use them.  I think in rare occasions I don't... yet I am quite conscious about it. 

Here is what I saw on line :

John Sullivan of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute confirms that drivers behave better when there are more cars around.
"If you're on a local road in your neighborhood where there's much less traffic, there's a lot less signaling, too," says Sullivan, who conducted an extensive turn signal study in 2014. "You're almost five times more likely to signal on a major or minor surface road than on a local road."
If you think it's safe to not signal on local neighborhood and country roads, you're dead wrong. Car insurer Esurance shares some scary stats; not only do more accidents take place within 25 miles (40 kilometers) from your home, but more fatal crashes happen on rural country roads than busy urban areas.

So do you use your blinker, directional, turn signal..... or don't you ??

Enjoy !

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