Sunday, September 29, 2019

Getting ready for our October Blog Blast !

Wow...the Summer seems to go by so fast. Maybe it's all going by so fast.... All I can say is that no matter what is going on, find time to enjoy .... have fun.... relax a little... take care of YOU !

So we just days away from our October Blog Blast... What I'm planning is a daily segment on "The great debates".... just fun things in comparison that I've noticed along the way..... feel free to engage with us. Keep it clean please.... No heated discussions. Yes, you can voice your opinion yet let's just have some fun with this....

So stay tuned as we gear up for stories on toilet paper, bagels, wine, doors, all kinds of things that give us some debate.... we will end up on Oct. 31st, yes Halloween, talking CANDY !

Then in Nov. we will go back to our weekly posts as we gear up for the Holidays....

For now...see you Oct. 1st with our first " Great Debate"....

 just a few images of topics we may entertain in Oct.

Enjoy !

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