Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What did you do today? Day 9


So last night I went to a drag show and enjoyed so much the singing and styling of The Edwards Twins. These brothers, identical twins, have a wonderful show that they take all over the World. If you are in the Atlantic City area you can catch them at the Claridge Hotel for a wonderful Christmas show. They do all their own make up and use their own voices for all the characters and Celebs that they represent.

I was delightfully intrigued to see the next character come  out on stage, and the next and the next. They work very hard to make this a great 2 man show !

Their voices are fantastic.  I took 2 of my business associates with me and we had a great time.....

Look them up wherever you are and see if you can find time ( or make time) to check them out !

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