Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving...don't stop giving ! Day 27

Day 27

Hello, Thanksgiving falls on my favorite # this year, 27 !  I want to take a  moment to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that celebrate this holiday and just Happy "Thanks" to those of you around the World reading our blog and taking our blog challenge.

Today I was up early doing the weekend "gig". Only worked an hour . I spent a couple of hours with a friend who has his MOM in the hospital. He is going through a tough time with her . That said, he is quite dedicated and concerned about her health and well being . That is so admirable today. Not to get into it, but I spent some time with him, had a bite to eat with him and was there so he wasn't alone.  On the way, I had the opportunity to , once again, see the SUNRISE.  It was barely turning light out as I traveled down the Black Horse Pike into Atlantic City. The cool thing was that there were no cars around me at all so I propped the phone up on the steering wheel and with one hand snapped this shot ! I'm so glad I did, it's just a cool shot. Sorry it's not as clear as I would have liked but I WAS driving..... like I said , no one around me at all....empty roads, it was so beautiful !

I also drove down to Sooy Lane. If you've been following or viewing this blog you may remember that the House on SOOY lane is the one that decorates to the NINES and gives back to local charities. People come in droves to this house. That said, they don't set up the lights every year and last year was a big disappointment to me as I love going there to watch the lights and music and relax. So I drove down the dark street to see if anything at all was going on. I figured that if the lights were to be up this year, that SOME stirring would be going on there on Thanksgiving...... Well, it was around 5:20 AM and drove and saw an empty lawn and felt a little down....then I realized I was 2 lawns away !!!!   When I saw the lights strung up in the dark I got so happy and stopped to clap my hands and sigh out loud. The Sooy lane house will be bright this year and I will have photos and stories to share from there this Holiday Season.......

In the meantime, Happy Turkey, Give thanks wherever you are, and we will talk again soon !
 What will YOU do today that's different?????

Enjoy !

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