Thursday, November 13, 2014

Did you do something interesting today??? Days 12 and 13


These 2 days have been interesting.  Yesterday I went to one of my favorite new places in Smithville.  It's called THE BEST GIFT IDEA EVER.  They have a few locations but this one is fairly new. I went in one day for I didn't know what it was . I passed by it several times but never took a second look. When I went in--- I couldn't believe the love I had for this idea. These are the 1st things I got.... The 4 A STAR name  ( Do you recognize it in the letters?) and my name AVA..... I love the Eiffel Tower so I had to get that !

I've  been back but not in a little while and I went yesterday to bring a friend there to purchase a birthday gift and of course, I purchased a holiday gift for someone there too.... what a great, different and interesting gift idea ! Love it !

Today, I am doing something I've been intending to do for a long long time.....that's to unpack some of the boxes in my tiny apartment that have been haunting me for some time.  I even packed up new boxes when we got my Mom and Dad's bed in from Florida and there they sit.....

So at least I'm getting to it. Forcing myself to do it today !!!!

Enjoy !

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