Sunday, November 2, 2014

And away we go ! Day 1

Good morning..... Hope everyone remembered the time change for Sunday.  It's 4 AM and I am putting up the first day of the new 365 day blog challenge. The Balcony Blogger is back !  So here are the set up guideline. First, Love for you to FOLLOW the blog. You can see we have 21 followers ( double from the on set last year) and we now have over 9,000 page views from all over the World ! ( started with 900 last year)

So, this is your challenge :    do something for at least 5 minutes, everyday, that you haven't done before, that you haven't done in a long time, or that breaks you away from your everyday routine. This time we are adding our attempts at the new blog..... random acts of kindness and exercise moments / tips  to share. We are also adding a featured person or business to each blog.  ( that will start tomorrow- or later today as it may ! LOL)

So you can chime in on any or all of it, this is the time to change your life even if it's only for 5 minutes a day. You never know what that 5 minutes can do for you. If you like, go back in the archives and see some of the cool things we did before. Please encourage your friends to follow this blog.....

We are also bringing back our day of change ! That is Sundays (as this is a family or Church day for a lot of people) So all we do on Sunday is take all the change you have accumulated for the week, change it to dollars if you can and stick it in an envelope. Seal it and do not write on the outside. PLEASE REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT YOUR ENVELOPES !  If you have an odd amount of change , that goes into the following week. Use this money for something special later in the New Year.  I will disclose what I'm using mine for as the time gets closer .

Let's make it a great year of discovery and fun !
Welcome back to the "Balcony Blogger Challenge" !

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