Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day of change Day 8


So here is how Sunday works if you don't remember or if this is your first time joining the challenge.

Sunday is a special day for a lot of people. Family, Church, Spiritual what have you.....

So what we do on Sunday is save our change for some special event that may be coming up later in the New Year.

How we do it is like this:

Count up your change each Sunday. ( any way that you like to do that). Whatever is an even or full  number of dollars - For example- 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00 and so on. Goes into an envelope. ( no change goes in these envelopes)  Seal the envelope, DO NOT Write on it and put it away. Any odd or left over change goes towards the start of the new week.  The trick here is to be consistent ( as with anything) and to REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT YOUR ENVELOPES !  

See what you can put towards some special thing by doing this each week. That gives our brains a little shift and doesn't challenge us to do anything on Sunday but enjoy our families, our faith and our fine Weekend day as we prepare for Monday's start to a new week.

So Sunday's will only have   "A DAY OF CHANGE"  in our post except for the occasional reminder of how this works. Pass it on. My goal is to save more than last time.  :)

Enjoy !

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